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singapore athletic association
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  • 2020 May – 3.10 added.
  • 2020 Apr – Updated our SA Policy on Ratification of National Records.
  • 2019 Dec – Incentives for 4x100m mixed relay will be paid from 2020 onwards
  • 2019 Aug – There will be no payment for newly introduced events (Such as 4x100m mixed relay) & Indoor Best Performances.
  • 2019 Aug – There is no incentive for Indoor Best Performances, which is being recognised from 2010 onwards.
  • 2015 May 4 – Record breaking incentives ceremony for 2014 ratified records (Article).
  • 2014 Mar 30 – Record breaking incentives ceremony for 2013 ratified records (Video).
  • 2013 Mar 17 – Record breaking incentives ceremony for 2012 ratified records (Video).
  • 2012 Jan 7 – Record breaking incentives ceremony for 2011 ratified records (Video).
  • 2010 Dec 11 – Record breaking incentives ceremony for 2010 ratified records (Video).

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1. SA Policy on Ratification of National Records:

  1. There are 4 Categories of Singapore Athletics records that will be acknowledged:

    (a) National Record (including Track & Road Races)

    (b) Under-20 (18 & 19)

    (c) Under-18 (16 & 17)

  2. Age as at 31 December of the year of performance and athlete (or all 4 relay runners) must be a Singapore Citizen during the performance)
  3. When a National Record is claimed, the SA Ratification Form must be completed and submitted to SA within 15 days post-event, to the Honorary Secretary and accompanied by:

    a. Printed Programme of the Meet

    b. The Complete results of the event

    c. For Track Events, photo-finish picture with fully automatic time-keeping

    d. For Field events, complete result sheet

    e. For women, a doctor’s verification of the athlete’s gender

    f. Copy of athletes’ valid Singapore Passport (not expired) or birth certificate (for Juniors & Youth)

    g. Any other evidence, newspaper report, video-recordings etc)

  4. Athletes not registered with the World Anti-Doping Agency may be subject to doping tests.)
  5. The SA Management Committee shall investigate and verify every claim)
  6. All performances must comply with current Technical WA Rules & Regulation in force during the year of performance)
  7. For Road Races, the athlete must produce evidence by the Organiser verifying the actual distance of the race, in compliance with WA rules (to consider only accepting WA Label Road Races, minimum Bronze Label. )
  8. Only WA-certified Marathons and Half-Marathon races will be eligible for consideration. The measurement report by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races may be requested for.)

2. Record breaking monetary incentives:

  1. Senior: $500 for athlete, $500 for coach
  2. Junior (U-20): $300 for athlete, $300 for coach
  3. Youth (U-18): $100 for athlete, $100 for coach
  4. Relays:

    1. Senior – $500 to be shared equally among the 4 athletes, $125 for athlete’s personal coach
    2. Junior – $500 to be shared equally among the 4 athletes, $125 for athlete’s personal coach
    3. Youth – $500 to be shared equally among the 4 athletes, $125 for athlete’s personal coach

3. Records Breaking Incentives Terms and Conditions

  1. While we acknowledge performances for Indoor and non-Olympic events, athletes will not be eligible for monetary incentives for Indoor events as the opportunities are not equally available to all athletes.
  2. No limit to record breaking per year.
  3. A record-breaker who establishes a new record which also breaks the record/s in other categories will be paid only for the record in the highest category (Same applies to the coach).
  4. All records shall be classified only as Open, Junior and Youth records. All previous Age category records ie. U15, U17, U19, U23 shall be kept as “Performance” records only and shall no longer be recognized for any monetary award.
  5. All records can only be recognized after submission of necessary documents to SA and approved by SA’s Management Committee. Payment shall be made only when the record is entered into the SA’s records book.
  6. All payment will be made only at the end of each year.
  7. Please refer to the World Athletics Technical Rules (RULE 141 – Age and Sex Categories) for the various age-group definitions, set by WA.
  8. All payments shall stop or have to be paid back to SA, and the record declared null & void if an athlete is tested positive for banned substances.
  9. The performance must be an improvement on the existing Singapore National Record. Performances which equal the existing Singapore National Record will not be eligible for a National Record Incentive Award.
  10. Records achieved multiple times in the same competition (E.g. Preliminaries, Semi-finals & Finals) will qualify as one Record incentive only.

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
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