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singapore athletic association
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Name: Md Nasiruddin

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 69kg

Date of Birth: 11 January 1992 (23yrs)

Personal Best(s): 2.03m (Men high jump, 2015 Singapore Open)

Career Highlight(s): My first ever medal at National Schools 2008, hitting a new PB in March 2014, and again at Singapore Open in April 2015.

Q) What are your hopes, dream and target this SEA Games?

To achieve my best, battle and better myself in the games.

Q) How’s your preparation for the SEA Games?

Trainings are fine, trying to improve myself. We got to train safely and carefully though.

Q) What are some of the biggest challenges in your sports career so far leading to SEA Games and your athletics career?

Juggling between training and work, being lethargic/fatigue, load and intensity training, performances being stagnant for long periods are few of the challenges. Facing and overcoming them, is a huge challenge.

Q) How did you specialise in your particular event? Why this event, what’s the attraction?

I began jumping when I was 10, back then I realised that this is what I like. It is very technical, and not many could do it. I like to see how far I could push myself, simply by jumping over a bar, not too fancy though. I do like running too.

Q) Who is your coach, tell us more about him/her. Also a mention of your previous coaches.

Currently, I am training with Ms Chan See Huey. She corrects our technique in trainings, and other details too (foot landing, strength etc).

Previously, I’ve trained with Mr John Seem back in Singapore Polytechnic, and Mr Abdul Rauf back in Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary.

Q) Do you take care of your nutrition and diet? Your opinion on supplements and food.

I personally do not observe my diet, not on any particular supplements. I just eat as and when I am hungry, to survive. I like to eat vegetables, which is a healthy habit. Rice (carbo) is essential to sustain my daily life, as I need energy for the day. I try to avoid fast food whenever possible. Eating snacks once in a while is fine, but not too often.

Q) Aside from athletics, what else interest you? You could say the other part of your life beyond athletics.

I love to eat different kind of food (especially Thai food and pastries), rest and relax, meet some friends, watch adventure/cooking shows/documentary. Going around exploring, meeting and learning from people is eye-opening, as we learn more from them than books. I am not an avid animal lover, but am amazed by them (like birds and insects).

Q) How do you fit in your training/competing with your family and studies/work?

Usually I train after work, and sometime it drags. I try to balance my time in between, to get rest and time with friends/family.

Q) Share with the readers, some aspects of your training regime.

Usually I try to do one gym session, two technical jump sessions, two plyometric/speed sessions. I try to train whichever I could.

Q) What are your long term athletics goals?

To achieve better heights, gain experience, continue training and competing, as long as I can. Hopefully, in the future, to be able to contribute back to the athletics/sports world.

Q) What advice do you have for young aspiring athletes?

At a young age, you will realise you could try out a lot of things. As you grow, ask yourself, is this what you really want. Commit to it, and hardwork pays off in time. Get your intentions right, keep the fire burning, train and improve yourself. You don’t have to prove anything to others, just do it for yourself.

singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
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