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SINGAPORE, 29 April 2014 – In the matter of the suspension of Loh Chan Pew from the elected position of Vice-President Competition Organizing and In the matter of the suspension of Steven Lee from the co-opted position of Vice-President Training & Selection.


The Appeals Panel was appointed by the Singapore Athletic Association (‘SAA’) on 7 March 2014 to hear and decide on the appeals of Mr. Loh Chan Pew and Mr. Steven Lee against the decision of SAA’s Management Committee to suspend them from their respective elected and co-opted positions in SAA with effect from 18 February 2014 to 30 June 2014.


    Mr. Low Teo Ping, Chairman of the Appeals Panel
    Mrs. Jessie Phua
    Mr. Cheah Kim Teck
    (Collectively referred to as the Appeals Panel)

Present members:

    Mr. Loh Chan Pew, in his personal capacity
    Mr. Steven Lee, in his personal capacity
    Mr. Tang Weng Fei, for the SAA Management Committee

The hearing was set on 24 April 2014, at the Boardroom of the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club at 0930 hours.

Having heard Mr. Loh Chan Pew and Mr. Steven Lee, representing themselves, and Mr. Tang Weng Fei, representing the SAA Management Committee, the Appeals Panel makes the following decisions: –

1. The SAA Management Committee’s action to suspend Mr Loh Chan Pew and Mr Steven Lee was not robust enough in accordance with due process for the purposes of the Management Committee’s powers to suspend persons under Rule 13 b) of the SAA Constitution.

2. As such, the Appeals Panel decide that Mr Loh Chan Pew’s and Mr Steven Lee’s respective appeals be allowed, and they be reinstated.

Quote from SAA President Mr. Tang Weng Fei:

“On behalf of the SAA MC, I accept the decision of the Appeals Panel which will be final and binding. I like to thank Mr. Low Teo Ping, Mrs. Jessie Phua and Mr. Cheah Kim Teck for assisting in this Appeal. The elected position of Mr. Loh Chan Pew as VP Competition and the co-opted position of Mr. Steven Lee as VP Training and Selection will be reinstated with immediate effect. As I’ve said before, there is and never was any personal issues between Mr. Loh, Mr. Steven Lee and myself. I look forward to their contribution to SAA.”

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