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singapore athletic association
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Below are photos of most of the medalist given out during the prize ceremony. Congratulations to the podium winners. The photo order as follow, on the left is second place, the centre is first, and on the right is third place. We apologize if I missed out anyone. A link to download the photo in high-quality photo is provided also below.

Women 200m

Download High-Res Photo: Women 200m

1 Pereira, Valerie Wings Athletics Club 24.82 25.16
2 Choo, Sze-Min Amanda Singapore Selection Team 25.65 25.43
3 Prasad, Dipna Lim Nanyang Technological Uni 25.39 25.5

Men Shot Put

Download High-Res Photo: Men Shot Put

1 Polyiam, Chatchwal Thailand 15.88m
2 Chiu, Lap San Hong Kong 14.98m
3 Wong, Scott Singapore Armed Forces 14.67m

Women Javelin

Download High-Res Photo: Women Javelin

1 Nakano, Misa Japan 49.19m
2 Miyashita, Risa Japan 49.14m
3 Teo, Hui Juen Wings Athletics Club 38.56m

Men 800m

Download High-Res Photo: Men 800m

1 Balakrisnan, Madankum National University OF Singap 2:02.10 1:58.46
2 S/O Muthu Kumar, Ravi Singapore Polytechnic 2:03.76 1:59.34
3 Oon, Kuan Yong Nanyang Technological Uni 2:03.52 1:59.40

Men 400m

Download High-Res Photo: Men 400m

1 Subasinghe Arachchig, Sri Lanka 49.06 48.53
2 Hara, Shinji Japan 50.01 48.71
3 Sathiyanesan, Shalindra Police Sports Association 52.79 50.20

Men Long Jump

Download High-Res Photo: Men Long Jump

1 Saruyama, Rikiya Japan 7.64m N +0.0
2 Dagmil, Henry Philippines 7.40m +0.0
3 Goh, Matthew Singapore Armed Forces 7.01m +0.0

Men 200m

Download High-Res Photo: Men 200m

1 Liang, Tse-Ching Chinese Taipei 21.76 21.70
2 Mannakkara Pathirana, Sri Lanka 22.12 21.98
3 Abdul Halim, Abdul Ha National University OF Singap 23.31 22.55

Men Javelin

Download High-Res Photo: Men Javelin

1 Chong, Akid Bin Mohd Nanyang Polytechnic 57.28m
2 Koh, Thong EN Wings Athletics Club 51.15m
3 Tay, Juin Lin Wings Athletics Club 50.74m

Women Long Jump

Download High-Res Photo: Women Long Jump

1 Sato, Yoshimi Japan 5.75m -0.3
2 Tse, Mang Chi Hong Kong 5.55m 1.4
3 Nurul, Jannah Swift 5.22m 0.1

Men 5,000m

Download High-Res Photo: Men 5,000m

1 S, Jeevanesh Hwachong Institution (College 17:33.98
2 Bin Hassan, Muhammad Singapore Polytechnic 17:49.60
3 Palaniandy, Ramesh Singapore Prison Club 17:50.42

Men 4x100m

Download High-Res Photo: Men 4x100m

1 Chinese Taipei 39.86
1) 1078 Tsai, Meng-Li 2) 1079 Wang, Wen-Tang 3) 1077 Liu, Yuan-Kai 4) 1081 YI, Wei-Chen

2 Singapore Selection Team 40.71
1) 2050 Yeo, Foo EE Gary 2) 2048 Mustapa, MD Elfi 3) 2045 Jamal, MD Amirudin 4) 2046 Kang, Calvin

3 Wings Athletics Club 42.43
1) 2075 Khoo, Kenneth 2) 2089 U K, Shyam 3) 2085 Tan, Lance 4) 2078 Lim, Yao Peng

Pole Vault men

Download High-Res Photo: Pole Vault men

1 Hsien, Chia-Han Chinese Taipei 5.10m
2 Saombankuay, Sompong Thailand 5.00m
3 Chong, Ming Xun National University of Singapore 4.30m

400 Meter Hurdles women

Download High-Res Photo: 400 Meter Hurdles women

1 Asaoka, Kayoko Japan 1:00.14
2 Miyahara, Aya Japan 1:00.79
3 Liaw, Tricia Chij Sec (Toa Payoh Convent) 1:19.83

400 Meter Hurdles men

Download High-Res Photo: 400 Meter Hurdles men

1 Yano, Hideki Japan 51.01
2 Takeda, Kenta Japan 51.67
3 Chinnapali, Algustino Singapore Prison Club 59.05

110m Hurdles men

Download High-Res Photo: 110m Hurdles men

1 KO, Wen-Bin Chinese Taipei 14.75
2 Rittidet, Jamras Thailand 15.59
3 Clarence, Yeoh FU Shie National University OF Singap 18.18

100m men

Download High-Res Photo: 100m men

1 Tsai, Meng-Li Chinese Taipei 10.83 10.65
2 YI, Wei-Chen Chinese Taipei 10.87 10.67
3 Mustapa, MD Elfi Singapore Selection Team 10.88 10.70

3,000m steeplechase men

Download High-Res Photo: 3,000m steeplechase men

1 Herrera, Rene Philippines 9:12.92
2 Shi, Ronghua Nanyang Technological Uni 10:48.64
3 Chua, Chin Yang Swift 11:11.17

400m women

Download High-Res Photo: 400m women

1 Sai, Tomomi Japan 55.70
2 Horie, Mayu Japan 56.00
3 T., Piriyah Wings Athletics Club 58.20

1,500m men

Download High-Res Photo: 1,500m men

1 Balakrisnan, Madankum National University OF Singap 4:09.72
2 MD Shah, Feroz Swift 4:11.91
3 GI, KA Man Hong Kong 4:19.64

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
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