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IOC & World Athletics Qualification system for Tokyo 2020

Download IOC & World Athletics Qualification system for 32nd Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

SNOC Selection Criteria

Download SNOC selection criteria for 32nd Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

Team Singapore (Athletics) Selection Policy

    Qualifying period:

    1. General Information

      Singapore Athletics (SA) intends to nominate and recommend athletes to the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) for selection for the 32nd Olympic Games 2020. This includes all events listed in Table 1 that athletes have achieved in meeting the IOC criteria as well as an allowance for unqualified top-ranked male or female athlete (based on the World Athletics ranking and Score). Achieving or surpassing the qualifying mark does not imply automatic selection for the Games.

    2. SA Nomination Panel

    3. Qualifying Period

      The qualifying period for the Olympic Games 2020, click here.

    4. Eligibility for nomination

    To be eligible for selection, each athlete must:

      1. Be a Citizen of the Republic of Singapore, holding a Singapore Passport (Note: Permanent residents are not considered as citizens);

      2. Have met the qualifying standard stated in Table 1, in a SA/World Athletics sanctioned competition.

      3. Be able to commit to a High-Performance Training Program (Olympic standard), which includes a structured and comprehensive Annual Plan (with the specific objective of peaking at the Olympic Games 2020 as the main competition) and a specific training program with at least ten hours of training per week. The Training Plan to be submitted to and endorsed by SA’s Training & Selection Committee.

      4. Be able to travel to international competitions and attend training camps, in the months leading to the Olympic Games;

      5. Submit the registration form to SA by 29 May 2020 (Apply here);

      6. Abide by and comply with the SA’s Athlete Code of Conduct;

      7. Be available to fulfill the Team Commitments (Para 6);

      8. Not use or administer any substance(s), which if detected as being present in the athlete’s body tissue or fluids, would have constituted doping, or used any prohibited method or committed any other doping offence as defined in ADS’s, WADA or World Athletics’s Anti-Doping By-law(s).

    5. Competitions for qualifying

      1. All achievements submitted for consideration must have taken place at SA/World Athletics sanctioned meets and events;

      2. Athletes may submit achievements during overseas competitions. However, these must be properly accredited, ratified and sanctioned in order to be considered. Applications are to be sent to SA.

      3. For the Marathon and Road Races, only results from World Athletics-sanctioned races or AIMS certified-standard competitions will be recognized. Official supporting documents must be submitted to SA.

      4. For the 100m, 200m, 100m/110m Hurdles, Long and Triple Jump events: only performances with legal wind-speed will be accepted.

      5. For all Track and Road Race events: only performances measured by using an electronic timing system will be accepted.

    6. Team Commitments

      6.1 All athletes must:

        1. Comply with the provisions of the Olympic Charter currently in force, including but not limited to, Rule 41 (Nationality of Competitors) and Rule 43 (World Anti-Doping Code and the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of Manipulation of Competitions). Only those athletes who have complied with the Olympic Charter may participate in the Olympic Games.

        2. Comply with the provision of the SA and SNOC Athlete’s Agreement at all times;

        3. Conform to SA requirements regarding team participation. This includes, but may not be limited to, providing a comprehensive Training Plan, attendance at pre-event camp(s) and wearing the official team uniform as required;

        4. Attend all team activities/events organised/designated by SA;

        5. Not act in a manner that is detrimental to the moral tone of SA or Sports;

        6. Athletes are always to support SA events and portray a positive public image of Athletics, this includes the following commitments:

          a. A maximum of 2 appearances for SA will be required

          b. Appearances will not exceed more than two [2] hours in duration.

    7. Qualification and Nomination process

      7.1 An athlete can qualify in one of two ways:

        1. Achieve the entry standard within the respective qualification period – to be noted that the entry standard is set for the sole purpose of qualifying athletes with exceptional performances unable to qualify through the World Athletics World Rankings pathway

        2. Qualify by virtue of his World Athletics World Ranking Position in the selected event at the end of the respective qualification period

        3. Any eligible athlete achieving the nomination standard mentioned in Table 2 during the qualifying period will be considered for nomination. SA has the discretion to determine the list of athletes to be nominated.

        4. If there are no male or female qualified athlete or relay team, SA will nominate the best ranked male athlete or best ranked female athlete (based on the World Athletics Score) in one athletic event, apart from the Combined Events, 10,000m and 3000m Steeplechase. Should there be a tie, SA will consider the average performance for the same event, during the last 3 performances.

        5. Acceptance of unqualified entries in Field Events and Road Events will be at the discretion of the World Athletics Technical Delegates, based on the technical standard of the athlete and the numbers of qualified athletes in the respective event. In order to allow the World Athletics Technical Delegates to assess the technical level of such athletes, a specific application form indicating the event in which the entry is requested, and the proof of the technical level and international participation of the nominated athlete must be submitted to the World Athletics. The World Athletics shall subsequently confirm, in writing to NOCs, with a copy to the Tokyo 2020 Sport Entries Department, the approval or otherwise of the entry of the specified athlete(s).

    8 Selection process

      Individual events

        8.1 The First (1st), Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) ranked athletes meeting the qualifying mark within the qualifying period (1 Jul 2019 and 29 June 2020) at competitions mentioned in Para 5 for all events will be recommended for the Olympic Games to SNOC.

        8.2 In the event of a tie between two or more athletes, SA will refer to the athlete’s 2nd best performance achieved during the qualifying period. For the Marathon, the shorter distances may be considered in case there is no 2nd best timing available.

      Relay Events

        8.3 The first eight (8) placed NOCs at the World Athletics World Championships Doha 2019 shall automatically qualify for the relay events at the 2020 Olympic Games. The remaining eight (8) teams will be selected according to World Athletics World Top Lists of 29

        8.4 Nominations for the 4 x100m relays (5 athletes for each team) will be done including but not limited to the following parameters:

          a. The fastest 5 runners for the 100m and 400m will be considered for inclusion in the Relay Team

          b. Times must be clocked during competitions mentioned in Para 5

          c. Selection of runners for the various legs (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th) will be based on data collected during the relay training sessions when measuring speed maintenance ability, run-up accuracy, baton passing and curve-running ability

          d. Individual attendance and commitment to relay training will be taken into consideration

        8.5 The final decision on the composition of the final four [4] relay runners (4x100m Women, Men, and 4x400m Men & Women) will be made by the Head Relay Coach. This decision will be made prior to the event.

      Selection for other events:

        8.6 Athlete/s shall be certified medically fit to compete at the Olympic Games by qualified SSI personnel prior to nomination to the SNOC and shall remain medically fit to compete in the Olympic Games.

    9 Coaches selection

      9.1 The SA Training & Selection Committee will appoint the Team Manager, Head Coach and Coaches for the Olympic Games.

      9.2 Subject to approval of SNOC, the number of additional team coaches selected will depend on the number of athletes selected and will be determined by the number of staff accreditation provided by SNOC.

    10 Appeal

      10.1 Where there is a conflict or dispute in respect of these Guidelines for the nomination of athletes to represent Singapore in the Olympic Games, SA reserves the right to interpret this document and to exercise its discretion in the resolution of the matter in conflict or dispute.

      10.2 Athletes may only appeal on the grounds that the nomination event was not executed in accordance with its notice of race or the nomination process was not carried out in accordance with this policy document.

      10.3 The Athlete Selection Appeals Standing Committee made up of three MC members who are not part of the SA Training & Selection Committee, may convene a panel to hear the appeal within one week of receipt.

      10.4 Any appeal must comply with the following procedure:

        1. Athletes must state in writing, their intention to appeal a selection decision within seven (7) days of the announcement of the initial nomination decision. Written appeal must be submitted to:

        Honorary Secretary
        Singapore Athletics
        3 Stadium Drive, #01-33, 397630 Singapore

        2. The Honorary Secretary immediately informs the Athlete Selection Appeals Standing Committee. The Athlete Selection Appeals Standing Committee shall convene its first hearing within seven (7) days from receipt of such notice.

        3. The Athlete Selection Appeals Standing Committee is not bound by the rules of evidence but must observe the principle of procedural fairness.

        4. The Athlete Selection Appeals Standing Committee will give its decision as soon as practicable after the hearing and will provide their decision to SA’s MC and the Sports Development and Performance team and the appellant with a statement of the reason for its decision.

Table 1 - List of events at the 32nd Olympic Games


A. Events (48) and entry numbers per event

Men’s Events (24)

Women’s Events (23)

Mixed Events (1)




100m (56)

100m (56)

4 x 400m Mixed Relay (16)

200m (56)

200m (56)


400m (48)

400m (48)


800 (48)

800m (48)


1500m (45)

1500m (45)


5000m (42)

5000m (42)


10,000m (27)

10,000m (27)


110m Hurdles (40)

100m Hurdles (40)


400m Hurdles (40)

400m Hurdles (40)


3000m Steeplechase (45)

3000m Steeplechase (45)


4 x 100m Relay (16)

4 x 100m Relay (16)


4 x 400m Relay (16)

4 x 400m Relay (16)


High Jump (32)

High Jump (32)

Pole Vault (32)

Pole Vault (32)

Long Jump (32)

Long Jump (32)

Triple Jump (32)

Triple Jump (32)

Shot Put (32)

Shot Put (32)

Discus Throw (32)

Discus Throw (32)

Hammer Throw (32)

Hammer Throw (32)

Javelin Throw (32)

Javelin Throw (32)

Combined Combined

Decathlon (24)

Heptathlon (24)

Road Road
20km Race Walk (60) 20km Race Walk (60)
50km Race Walk (60)  
Marathon (80) Marathon (80)


Table 2 - Qualifying Marks for Olympics 2020





























400 Hurdles



3000m Steeplechase



High Jump



Pole Vault



Long Jump



Triple Jump



Shot Put



Discus Throw



Hammer Throw



Javelin Throw






20km Race Walk



50km Race Walk







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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
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