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Competition: IAAF World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018

Date: 24 March 2018

Venue: Valencia, Spain

Qualifying Period: 01 September 2017 to 4 February 2018

Qualification competitions

    a. All SA sanctioned meets/competitions including SA sanctioned overseas competitions as stated in the above-mentioned dates.

    b. The competitions have to be conducted in accordance to the IAAF rules and properly accredited. Sanction has to be obtained before the competition, for the results to be accepted (Email SAA).


To be considered for selection, an athlete must meet all of the following eligibility criteria and maintain through the Championships:

    1. Must be a Singapore Citizen at the time of nomination

    2. Not used or administered any substance, which, if it had been detected as being present in the athlete’s body tissue or fluids, would have constituted doping, or used any prohibited method or committed any other doping offence as defined in ASS’s, WADA or IAAF’s Anti-Doping by-law

    3. Continues to train for peak athletic performance

Team Commitments

    All athletes and officials must:

    1. Sign the SA Athletes Agreement

    2. Conform, to SA requirements regarding team participation. This included, but not limited to, providing an acceptable training plan towards the Championships, attendance at pre-event camp (if applicable) and wearing team uniform as required.

    3. Make themselves available for all team activities designated by SA

    4. Not act in any manner as to bring the athlete, or fellow athletes/coaches/SA into public disrepute.

Selection Criteria

    1. Qualifying time (based on the 70th placing of the previous championship):
    Men – 70mins
    Women – 78mins

    2. In case there is a tie between two or more athletes, SA will compare and choose the athlete’s 2nd best timing and so on, achieved during the qualifying period.

    3. In the event, if there is still slot available to be filled up, SA will have the discretion to submit the athletes for selection before the final dateline.

Team Size

    1. SA intends to send 1 representative per gender for the event

    2. The fastest qualifying athlete of each gender within the qualifying window, will be default, be automatically nominated to represent Singapore at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships. If the fastest athlete choose not to take part in the event, the slot will go to the 2nd fastest qualifying athlete in the event and so on

    3. SA shall not be obligated to send a qualified athlete if he/she is deemed unfit (injured/declining performance/attitude and commitment at training) to perform at a competitive level.

    Appeal 1. The appeal process concerning non-selection or removal from the national squad to be heard by SA Appeals Panel (Headed by Dr Tan Ming Jen & committee). Send the appeal to SAA.

    2. The sole ground for any appeal is that this selection policy was not properly followed and/or implemented.

    3. Any appeal by an athlete against non-selection or removal from the National Squad must be made to SA within 3 working days from announcement. Any appeal must accord with the following procedure:

      i. The SA Appeal Panel will convene a hearing as soon as possible after the submission of the grounds appeal. The hearing may occur in such manner as the President of SA or Dr Tan Ming Jen decides, including telephones or video conferencing. The SA Appeal Panel is not bound by the rules of evidence but must observe the principle of procedural fairness.

      ii. Prior to the hearing, the Selection Panel will provide the SA Appeal Panel and the appellant with a written statement as to the reasons for the decision against which appeal is made.

      iii. The SA Appeal Panel will give its decision as soon as practicable after the hearing and will provide SDP and the appellant with a statement of the reason for its decision.

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
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