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Please be informed that the LOC and Chinese Athletics Association have decided to cancel the 24th Asian Athletics Championships which was scheduled on 20th-23rd May 2021, in Hangzhou, China due to the pandemic.

Please see the attached letter (See inset image below) from Chinese AA for your attention.

Thank you.

Regards Shuggu
Asian AA

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26th Jan 2021
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Dear Athletes, Coaches, Friends of Singapore Athletics, wishing all of you a great 2021!

It has been slightly more than 100 days since you entrusted our team to helm the Singapore Athletics Association at the AGM in Sept 2020. Although it has been a short 3 months, we have been busy – one of the planks we campaigned on was our 100-day plan, and a promise to provide a report card of our progress for full accountability and transparency, which we have set out to do here.

As we look forward to meeting the challenges in the year ahead, we wanted to thank you once again for your support; we can only accomplish our goals by working together. In each of the items below, while we identify the MC members spearheading it, the heavy lifting has been done by their respective Secretariat teams and we thank them all for their dedication and hard work! As always, we also look forward to feedback

Lien, on behalf of the Singapore Athletics Management Committee

(1) Engage Athletes, Coaches, SportSG and other key stakeholders

    Events organisation – The challenge of COVID has meant first a lockdown, then significant new logistics and operating constraints to the way we organise events. Throughout all this, our SA Secretariat team led by VP(C) Mr. Joe Yap has delivered. During the wet year-end period in Nov-Dec 2020, the team organized the SPEX Scholarship trials as well as 2 Performance trials, where athletes broke national records, personal bests and we also had initial qualifiers for SEAG 21.

    Community outreach – In the past 3 months, our team has held dialogue sessions with Athletes, Coaches, Parents and also organised workshops with Technical Officials to hear their concerns. We have also met our national athletes on the ground to hear their plans and training progress.

    SEA Games preparation – In terms of 2021 SEA Games preparation, VP(T&S) Mr. Gary Yeo has established the Selection sub-committee (details below), appointed Mr. Luis Filipe Vitorino Cunha as the Head Relay coach, with Mr. Lee Cheng Wei, and Ms. Asmah Hanim to assist him. We have also announced the SEA Games qualifying standards, and published them on our SAA website (https://www.singaporeathletics.org.sg/31st-southeast-asian-games-2021-vietnam).

    We have a strong events calendar for 2021 to give our athletes the best chance for qualifying locally, so that they are not subject to the vicissitudes of overseas competition, given the uncertainties of travel.

    Stakeholder engagement – In Oct 2020, a few weeks after taking over, we shared our Multi-Year Sports Plan along with the FY21 budget and grant requests with SportSG (Hd SSI Mr. Toh Boon Yi and team), Sports School (Mr Ong Kim Soon and members of his team). We also spoke to MCCY, meeting with Min Edwin Tong, Parl Sec Eric Chua and their team to share our plans and aspirations.

    Establishment of Athletes Commission – The founding Athlete Commission Chair Mr. Poh Seng Song was appointed to the SA Management Committee. He has successfully recruited 5 current or former national athletes onto the Athletes Commission to oversee the interests our athletes, and we have approved the AC’s constitution and Terms of Reference. The members of the AC are Ms. Michelle Sng (Jumps), Mr. Colin Tung (Distance), Mr. Kenneth Khoo (Sprints) and Mr. Eric Yee (Throws).

(2) Internal Processes / Governance / Funding

    Talent renewal – There have also been people movements within the SA Secretariat. Our former GM, Mr. Malek Aljunied had requested to return to SNOC after his secondment to SA, and the MC would like to thank him for his service.

    After a rigorous CV screening and interview process, we are excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Gerald Ng as SA’s new GM. He has extensive regional Sports Business experience with ONE Championship and Eleven Sports Network among others. Most recently, he was CEO of World Lethwei Championship. I hope that members of the community have a chance to meet with him soon to bring Athletics forward.

    Process enhancement (Finance) – SA’s finance and accounting structure has been streamlined, with updates to our procurement SOP and digitalisation of payments at events. We have also reviewed our Opex and found savings of 35% of Operating Costs. This significant undertaking has been led by Ms. Marinda Teo (VP F) and Ms. Belinda Neo (Treasurer).

    Equipment procurement – With savings found from our finance optimisation, we have submitted a request for equipment refresh budget that has been approved, to replace aging or unusable equipment. This has been led by Mr. Joe Yap (VP C) and Ms. Marinda Teo (VP F).

    SA Constitution review – Following from the EOGM in 2020, we have also reviewed the SA constitution for better alignment with the SportSG model constitution, and we will circulate this to Affiliates prior to seeking approval at the upcoming AGM. Mr. Chen Siyuan (MC member) has been instrumental in driving this process.

    HR process enhancement – Our HR processes and policies are also being reviewed to improve outcomes and provide development opportunities for our key Secretariat staff. This was overseen by Mr. Kelvin Ang (Asst Hon Sec) and Ms. Belinda Neo (Treasurer).

    Safe sport officers – SafeGuarding officers reps of both genders have been nominated from across the Athletes’ Commission, Secretariat and MC in order to build greater awareness within the community. Ms. Carine Attan, Ms. Michelle Sng and Ms. Natasha Kang have been appointed, with Mr. Kelvin Ang from the MC also scheduled to attend the course.

    Digitalisation of data resources – Modernising our athlete database and events result was a key initiative, to employ a data driven approach to performance management. We have been exploring different platforms for the most cost-effective solution. Mr. Jonathan Liong (MC Member) and Ms. Marinda Teo (VP F) are working on this piece.

(3) Address Outstanding Legal Issues

    Address outstanding issues – With a mutual desire to progress, some longstanding legal disputes have been resolved. These successes were also reported in the news. We continue to review other outstanding matters within our community and we will clear these over time. Most members of the MC have been involved in different discussions on these issues, with heavy lifting provided by Mr. Chen Siyuan (MC member), and Mr. Nick Poon, our independent legal counsel who has provided sterling services on an almost pro-bono basis.

    Legal costs – As part of our fiduciary duty, we have reviewed the legal costs that SA has incurred in the past 2 years and scrutinised the pricing structure and documentation to ensure they are consistent with fee guidelines set by the Supreme Court.

    Conflict resolution – To systematically address conflicts and issues that may arise, we have engaged prominent members of the Athletics community to establish a Conflict Resolution Committee. The team will be led by Mr. Ang Kwee Tiang and we hope that under his leadership, we can facilitate communication and mutual understanding through mediation and resolve differences before they escalate.

    Going forward, we hope to operate in a spirit of open collaboration and transparent communications within the wider Athletics community!

(4) Looking ahead – Commercialisation and others

    With these foundational measures in place, we are excited to look forward and try to grow the mindshare of our sport to realise its potential. We are glad that recent news of our sport has been positive and focused on you the Athletes / Coaches / TOs (Screenshots of some recent publications are shared below. Credits: Singapore Press Holdings). Thank you for your sweat and hard work to make this possible.

    With a view to growing our capacity, a sub-committee co-led by Mr. Arthur Lin (SA Honorary Secretary) and Mr. Gerald Ng (SA GM) has been set up to focus on commercial objectives that look at commercial partnerships, monetisation, sponsorship and donations. Arthur has been working hard with the team to secure the best opportunities for SA, reviewing contracts, approaching potential donors

    We Look Forward to Your Support!

    While there are still outstanding issues within the athletics community to be resolved, we have quickly addressed some of them and are keeping a strong finger on the pulse of the others. We know much work lies ahead.

    Looking ahead into 2021, as we return to normalcy, the big item on our calendar is SEAG 21 (November), and the various local meets to support it. We have ambitious plans to fund-raise and build commercial partnerships, and also to improve our equipment and pathway development.

    We can do much more only with your help! We continue to count on the support of the community and stakeholders like you to deliver success to our beloved sport.

Appendix 1: Recent Reports on Athletics (Credits: SPH)

Click on the image to enlarge the article.

Appendix 2: Progress Update 100 Day Plan

1. Engage Athletes and SportSG

Meet the national athletes to hear their concerns

Align 2y plan with SportSG


  • Dialogue with Athletes/Coaches/Parents


  • SAA Performance Trials


  • Completed 4th Joint HPS Management Committee (“JMC”) (involving Sport SG, SAA, Singapore Sports School, National Youth Sports Institute)
  • Completed virement, MYSP and budget/grant submission by 30 Oct (within ~1 month of election, without)
  • Finalised SEAG selection criteria
  • Appointed Athletes’ Commission (“AC”) Rep and members
  • Approved SAA Athletes’ Commission Constitution

In Progress

  • Ongoing athletes’ engagement
  • CRM – leverage existing SportSG resources
  • Road to SEAG 2021, T&S Organisation & Processes
  • Plan for Pathway Development
  • Further update events calendar for 2021 (Covid-dependencies)

2. Internal Process / Governance

Review finances and key internal operating processes at SAA


  • Updated Procurement SOP guide
  • Safe Sport – Nominated SafeGuarding officers reps from across Athletes’ Commission, Secretariat and MC.
  • Streamline finance/accounting structure & processes
  • Digitalization of payment (eg. Automated payment voucher, PayNow for TOs)

In Progress

  • Review SAA Constitution (taking reference from SportSG model constitution)
  • Engagement with National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre / Centre for Non-Profit Leadership for Complimentary Enhanced PulseCheck Assessment
  • Review existing HR/hiring processes
  • Review performance management and provide career development opportunities for Secretariat staff

3. Address Outstanding Legal Issues

Reach out to existing parties for mediation & resolution


  • Settlement of longstanding disputes


  • Establish Conflict Resolution Committee

In Progress

  • Review/negotiate existing financial obligations (legal fees-related)
  • Other outstanding legal matters

4. Looking ahead

Additional priorities


  • Engagement with Technical Officers


In Progress

  • Establish Commercialisation sub-committee
  • Re-negotiate existing sponsorship agreements (as they fall due)
  • Engage new/potential sponsors
  • Engage new/potential donors
  • Initiate Commercialisation projects
22nd Jan 2021
Posted by Sha


Updated as of 19 Jan 2021.


For any missing entries please let us know by Monday 18 Jan, 12pm.


Please note: If there is a lighting alert, the event that is affected will be cancelled. For example, if there is a lighting alert at 4PM, then the event at 4PM will be cancelled. It will not be pushed later. SA to proceed with next event such as if the lighting alert stops at 5.30PM, SA will proceed with 5.40PM event that’s on the schedule. The events from 4pm to 5.30pm events will be cancelled and not rescheduled due to time constraints, as our stadium booking is until 8PM only.


Call Room

Please take note, that there are 2 call rooms.

Call room #1 – Registration

Call room #2 – Athletes with track event, kindly report to Call Room 2 10-minutes before your event starts.

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Kuwait City, Kuwait, January 14, 2021:

The Olympic Council of Asia announces that the 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games to be held in Bangkok and Chonburi Province in Thailand from 21st to 30th of May 2021 have been postponed.

The OCA released a statement on January 14 to say that the situation regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions and health protocols around the continent had brought about the postponement.

The new dates of the OCA’s 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games will be from 10th to 20th of March 2022.

The decision was made by the OCA after an in-depth discussion between the Olympic Council of Asia, the Thailand National Olympic Committee, and the 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Organizing Committee.

The decision aims at serving the common interests of all related National Olympic Committees and ensuring the safety and health of the athletes and all relevant participants.

Olympic Council of Asia

15th Jan 2021
Posted by Sha

UPDATE #2 (6-Mar-21):

Download the results, photo gallery #1, photo gallery #2 and watch the video snippet of earlier Kids’ Stadium Run.

    Dear Parents/Teachers/Coaches,

    Thank you for your participation in the Kids’ Stadium Run. We hope the children enjoyed themselves and it gave them an opportunity to test their abilities after a year break due to the pandemic.

    Unfortunately, towards the ending of the above event for the 7 to 8 years old age group, it rained heavily. As such, we had to stop the event as the ground was slippery and this poses a safety hazard for the participants. Rest assured, we will be postponing the event to a later date. We will inform you via email once it has been confirmed.

    An E-Certificate (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Merit Award) will be issued 3 to 4 weeks after the event.

    We seek your kind understanding and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may have arisen. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you again at the next Kids’ Athletics event.

UPDATE #1 (22 Feb):

We have closed the registration for Singapore Athletics Kids’ Stadium Run 2021. Thank you for the overwhelming support. We can’t wait to see you on 6th March!




Countdown to this event



Registration closes Saturday, 20th February 2021, 2359H





    Results: Coming soon

    Date: Saturday, 6th March 2021

    Venue: 100 Plus Promenade, Singapore Sports Hub (Each lap is estimated to be approximately 888m)

    Results: Download (PDF)

    Entry Conditions: Download (PDF)


    • Kids’ Dash: 7 – 8 years old (2014 - 2013)
    • Junior Dash 1 9 – 10 years old (2012 - 2011)
    • Junior Dash 2: 11 – 12 years old (2010 - 2009)

    Entry Fees:

    • S$5.00: Affiliates & MOE School
    • S$6.00 Associate Affiliates
    • S$7.00: Members of Public / International Schools

    Enquiries: Contact Us

14th Jan 2021
Posted by Sha


The Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF) is inviting young athletes to apply for the Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship from 11 January to 10 February 2021.

There are four categories which award varying cash amounts: Primary, Secondary, Junior College/Integrated Programme/Tertiary and Under-18 High Performance.

Recipients have to meet a set of criteria such as scoring consistent results in relevant sports competitions to be eligible. Majority of the recipients come from financially challenged backgrounds and demonstrate the potential to excel in the sports they play. The Scholarship also supports deserving under-18 high-performance athletes who are on a high-performance pathway and are training with the national youth or national teams.

The tenure of the scholarship is one year and is applicable for renewal annually (via a new submission). Eligibility criteria and application details are available at https://sof.sg/scholarship/.



SA endorsement for SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship application:

Kindly contact us (We are NSA for Athletics) to make an appointment if you need SA’s endorsement:

    1. Secondary, Junior College/Integrated Programme/Tertiary – We will only endorse athletes who has Top-6 performances in 2020. To bring hardcopy form to SA office for endorsement and submit application form through your school/institution, who will then contact us.

    2. Under-18 High Performance – To submit hardcopy form together with ALL requirement documents in an envelope to SA office.

    3. Please ensure all your documents are filled up, signed and in proper order before seeking SA’s endorsement

11th Jan 2021
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Last call for high-performance athletes who are seeking Sports Support Programme by Sport Singapore. The spexCarding submission ends today, 11th Jan 2021, 2359hrs.

Before contacting us, ensure that you have 3 data results points from 1-Jan-2019 and the results have achieved a performance equal to or better than 2% off 3rd placing at previous SEA Games.

Contact SA –> http://www.singaporeathletics.org.sg/contact

2019 SEA Games results –> https://www.singaporeathletics.org.sg/30th-southeast-asian-games-2019-philippines

11th Jan 2021
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