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From ActiveSG“Please note effective 1st September, the level 2 green on our Home of Athletics (HOA) has been designated as an outdoor facility bookable by instructors. Hence it’s access is via Gate 3 (only). All entrants to the facility will not be encroaching into HOA and vice versa for users of HOA if they need to use level 2 greenery, an instructor will need to book as well”

Booking page –> https://www.myactivesg.com/Facilities/Sport-Centres/Facilities-for-Outdoor-Classes

Related article –> https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/more-open-spaces-including-sportsg-facilities-available-for-outdoor-exercise-classes-from-sept

31st Aug 2020
Posted by Sha

Singapore Athletics interviews 2020 SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship recipient and rising middle-distance star, Brandon Norton.

The 18-year-old has been in sublime form, clocking 1:59.74 in his pet event 800m last season. The effort was the second-fastest timing by a Singaporean last year

A student with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Brandon was a finalist at last year’s SEA Youth Championship (Philippines) and Asian Youth Athletics Championship (Hong Kong), finishing 4th and 5th respectively.


    Name: Brandon Norton

    Date of Birth: 2002

    Personal Best(s): 800m: 1min 59.74sec

    Weight: 63kg

    Height: 171cm

    Event(s): 800m and 1500m

    Coach: Remy Gan

    Education: Nanyang Primary School, Singapore Sports School

    Current School: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

    Social media: @brndn.nrtn


Q1) How did you get started in athletics?

    It began from my love of football in primary school, where I enjoyed chasing down other players on the pitch. At the time, I never viewed running with a competitive aspect. I did it just for that innate joyous feeling of running as fast as I could.

    Brandon during a race at Hong Kong InterCity Championships 2019

    Subsequently, I was convinced by my friends to join the track and field CCA, and I started to run much more, and my interest in athletics grew from there.


Q2) Can you share how your life and training have been impacted by the COVID pandemic?

    Life and training have definitely changed significantly. Classes are now online and training is done mostly within the walls of my own room. Training has been lighter and I am not running as much as before the pandemic. However, I find myself having a lot more time to focus on my studies, which is something I did not have the luxury of having before.


Q3) You were recently awarded the SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship. How will this scholarship will help in your athletics journey?

    I believe exposure to different training and competition environments is very important for growth. The scholarship will allow me to pursue opportunities to go overseas for training camps as well as other competitions. The scholarship will give me that extra boost I need to experience athletics beyond Singapore and allow me to grow further as an athlete.


Q4) What is your short- and long-term goals in Athletics?

    For short-term: To be consistent in my training and keep working hard.

    Brandon with his teammates at an award ceremony

    Long term: Represent Singapore at a major Games such as SEA Games or Asian Games.


Q5) Who are your role models?

    I have always admired one of America’s greatest running legends, Steve Prefontaine. Apart from athletic role models, I also admire my parents. They have demonstrated certain values and virtues that I strive to carry with me throughout my life.


Q6) Tell us more about your coach and his impact on you as an athlete and a person.

    The connection athletes and coaches have is very important for the progression of the athlete. My coach Remy Gan and I have a really strong coach-athlete relationship. As a long-distance runner himself, coach Remy is able to understand the kind of struggles I go through during training.

    He has been coaching me for about four years now and knows me very well. Often, during training or competition, he will always provide insightful advice to improve me as a runner and person.

    I owe my coach a tremendous amount of gratitude for getting me to where I am as a runner. The way I approach my training sessions and the way I set my mind up when I step on the track before a race has improved drastically through his countless mentoring moments on and off the track.


Q7) What’s your biggest athletics achievement so far?

    My highest honours so far are representing my country, Singapore, in the SEA Youth Championships 2019 and Asian Youth Championships 2019.

    Brandon during the 800m final at Asian Youth Athletics Championship 2019 (1:59.74, 5pos)


Q8) What’s your view on the mental aspect of athletics?

    As my coach often emphasised, racing is more a mental game than a physical one. Believing in yourself is the first step every athlete must take if they want to move forward. I have had my fair share of running a race with my head filled with doubt, and I can say from experience that having a clear and relaxed mind can improve anyone’s performance significantly. Not just in athletics but in any sport or activity.


Q9) What do you do as part of your recovery to ensure you are in optimal condition for training and competition?

    I always enjoy a Big Mac and some ice cream after a hard workout. I take recovery seriously and one of my favourite ways to recover is just to soak my legs in really cold water or ice. At the Sports School, we have two swimming pools and, after a track session, I always sit by the edge of the pool to cool my muscles off. Stretching is very important before and after training. My coach always stresses on stretching after training, so that has become a habit for me and my training group.


Q10) Do you have any other passion aside from Athletics?

    Yes, football for sure. Sometimes I’ll play a bit of football after training.


Q11) What profession will you be pursuing when you are older?

    I am currently pursuing a diploma in Business Studies, so I am interested in starting my own company. Hopefully, something relating to athletics.


Q12) How have your parents and Singapore Athletics supported in your athletics journey?

    My parents have been nothing but supportive. They are at almost all my races, and their support and guidance have been paramount in my journey.

    Brandon with his parents at his school graduation ceremony

    Singapore Athletics has been at the centre of most budding national athletes, mine included. From all the local meets to the overseas championships, SA has provided countless opportunities for me and all athletes to compete and grow.


Q13) Can you share the biggest challenge of your athletics journey and how did you overcome it??

    The most challenging moments would be when I had to deal with reoccurring shin splints at the beginning of the season, when I intended to clock sub 2 minutes for the 800m. The challenge came more from the mental side than the physical side, as the shin splints were constant reminders that I am not in my best form and may not hit my targets.

    It is easy for most athletes to just rest their legs when they are injured. However, in order to bounce back stronger, one needs to mentally prepare themselves when they recover. Personally, while I was disappointed to have skipped many training sessions and lose overall fitness, one way I kept my fitness on track was to make a plan for what I wanted to change and do when I fully recover. That way, I was kept motivated and hungry to get back on the track and run hard again. Once I did that, I knew what kind of training and exercises I needed to do to keep myself injury-free.


Q14) What would be your advice to other budding athletes?

    Simply enjoy it. I was told once that whether you are new or experienced in the sport, the most important thing to keep in mind is the enjoyment you get out of the sport. You never know, one day, athletics may become your job, and it is important that you are enjoying what you are doing, so you make the most out of it.

    Athletics is a wonderful sport. I like to think that the human body was made for athletics. If any young aspiring runner wants to take athletics seriously, my advice is to try all the events for fun first, before deciding on your pet events.

31st Aug 2020
Posted by Sha

Singapore Athletics talks to Marc Brian Louis, one of two athletics recipient for 2020 The Sports Excellence Scholarship Programme.

The 18-year-old sprinter and hurdler has been blazing the trail at local and regional youth competitions. One of our top junior sprinters, Marc clocked an impressive 10.92 seconds (-1.6m/s) last season.

Currently studying at ITE College Central, Marc struck gold in the 400m hurdles event (55.09s) at Asian Youth Athletics Championship (Hong Kong), and clinched a bronze medal in the 110m hurdles event (0.914m, 13.74s, -0.2m/s) while clocking a new National U18 record.


    Name: Marc Brian Louis

    Date of Birth: 2002

    Personal Best(s): 100m 10.92s, 110mh 13.74s (0.991m), 400mh 56.04s (0.914m), 400mh 55.09s (0.838m)

    Weight: 65kg

    Height: 175cm

    Event(s): 110mh, 400mh, 100m

    Coach: Benber Dayao Yu

    Education: Sembawang Primary School, Anderson Secondary School

    Current School: ITE Central College

    Social media: @m4rc_br14n_louis_


Q1) How did you get your start in Athletics?

    I started athletics as a CCA when I was in Primary 3. It gradually grew to become a serious passion of mine when I was in Secondary 3.


Q2) How will The Sports Excellence Scholarship Programme help in your athletics journey?

    It has always been a struggle for me trying to meet the costs of training like transport to my training venue, as well as needs for supplements to help me recover from training and stay healthy. The support will come in handy.


Q3) How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your life and training?

    Training before COVID-19 was mostly done on the track. However, during this period of pandemic, I get to focus on areas that I usually don’t. This pandemic helped me further hone my skills and strength.


Q4) What are your short- and long-term goal(s) in athletics?

    My short-term goal is to qualify for the finals at the World Junior 110m hurdles event. The long-term goal is to qualify for the finals at the Asian Games 110m hurdles event.


Q5) Who are your role models?

    Usain Bolt and Omar Mcleod


Q6) Can you share how your coach has impacted your life and athletics journey?

    I am very thankful to have Benber Dayao Yu as my coach. He helps me to train well and keeps on motivating me to improve both my personal character and training discipline. He sacrifices his time to train me in the morning and afternoon sessions and he is always there to guide me and correct my mistakes.


Q7) What’s the highlight of your achievements so far?

    It has to be the Asian Youth Athletics Championship, where I won the 400m hurdles event in 55.06 seconds for Singapore’s first gold medal.

    Marc a success at Asian Youth level.

    I also managed a bronze medal in the 110m hurdles event, coming in at 13.74s, which was also Singapore’s new National Under-18 boys record.


Q8) What are your thoughts on the mental aspect of athletics?

    The mind helps athletes achieve a focused, confident and trusting mindset to help them compete at their highest level. You have to always believe in yourself.


Q9) What do you do as part of your recovery and to ensure you are in optimal condition for training and competition?

    To me, sleep is very important. I need to sleep as much as I can to achieve my recovery. Stretching and rolling help too.


Q10) Do you have any other passion aside from Athletics?

    Before I started competitive sprinting, I like to swim and play football.


Q11) What do you want to do as a profession in future?

    Besides becoming a full-time athlete, I have yet to think about it.


Q12) How have your parents and Singapore Athletics supported in your athletics journey?

    My dad and mom have always supported me since I was a kid. My dad is an ever-present at all my competitions. Much thanks too to Singapore Athletics for giving me the opportunities to compete overseas.


Q13) What’s the most challenging period of your athletic career and how did you overcome it??

    I was kicked out of sports at the end of Secondary 1 and I ended up giving up track for almost a year. That is until coach Benber pulled me up and made me believe that I could be someone who can achieve anything. My coach is one of the reasons why I could achieve all my goals.


Q14) Any advice to other young budding athletes?

    Always believe in yourself. Never doubt yourself. If people say you can’t make it, prove them wrong. Always stay motivated and never give up.

27th Aug 2020
Posted by Sha

Content via https://www.myactivesg.com/…large-outdoor-exercise-classes

Update on Large Outdoor Exercise Classes Under Phase Two (“Safe Transition”)

This is an Addendum to the 17 Jun Advisory on the Resumption of Sport and Physical Exercise & Activity for Phase Two. The Addendum will provide an update on Large Outdoor Exercise Classes. For any queries, please read frequently asked questions (updated as of 26 August). You are welcome to share your opinion at [email protected]

26th Aug 2020
Posted by Sha

Today, The IRONMAN Group, event organiser of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM), officially announced the SCSM Virtual Club (VC) and the SCSM Virtual Racing Series – two innovative initiatives as part of an alternative model to create a unique and world-class runners experience.

The two initiatives provide runners and the SCSM community with a much-needed racing alternative during what has been an uncertain and ever evolving year in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM), Singapore on 30 November, 2019

With the health and safety of the runners, community, and supporters being of utmost importance, race organisers will continue to work closely with relevant government agencies for the unique race format for 2020 SCSM.

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in Singapore, on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Go to https://www.sgmarathonvc.com/

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Singapore Athletics had a chat with 2020 SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship recipient, Elizabeth-Ann Tan Shee Ru on her journey in athletics.

The sprinter and hurdler is a gold medallist at the 11th ASEAN Schools Games 2019 for the 100m girls hurdles event, where she clocked a new Games record and Singapore U18 girls record.

The 17-year-old is also a Team Singapore representative at the 30th South East Asian Games. Elizabeth was part of the 4x100m women line-up at the Clarke, Phillippines Games held last year.


    Name: Elizabeth-Ann Tan Shee Ru

    Date of Birth: 2003

    Personal Best(s): 12.25s (100m); 14.25s (100m Hurdles)

    Weight: 53kg

    Height: 166cm

    Event(s): 100m, 200m, 100m Hurdles

    Coach: Raymond Tan (Father)

    Education: CHIJ St.Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary), Nanyang Girls’ High School

    Current school: Hwa Chong Junior College

    Social media: @elizabethannxxtan


Q1) How did you get started in athletics?

    I joined track and field as a CCA in Primary 2. It became part of my career in Secondary 1 when I began to participate in international competitions.


Q2) How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your life and training?

    Honestly, I enjoyed the Circuit Breaker as less time is spent commuting to school and back. I ended up having more free time to study, train, sleep or do things I never really had the time to do, like baking or practising the piano. I also spent more time with my family, especially while baking together.

    In terms of training, I’m very blessed because my dad is my coach. So he can still watch me train, despite being “trapped” at home. We also had to be more innovative during the training sessions. For example, I would carry my younger brother to substitute the dumbbells or barbells I used to carry for my weights training.


Q3) What are your short and long-term goals in athletics?

    Because of COVID-19, this year is very unpredictable. As of now, I hope to be able to represent Singapore at the 12th ASEAN Schools Games 2020. In the future, I hope to win a medal for Singapore in the Asian Games.

    Aside from performance goals, I hope athletics will help to mould me into an even better person, with good values like self-discipline, courage, perseverance and humility.


Q4) Who is your role model?

    Ms Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. She is an incredible athlete, mother and a huge role model to me. Despite having gone through huge physiological changes because of her pregnancy and having the responsibilities of looking after her baby, she was able to get back to running and dominated the 100m finals during the World Championships 2019.

    This must have taken a tremendous amount of sacrifice, self-discipline, focus and determination. She certainly is a great inspiration for women.

    Furthermore, despite her outstanding and remarkable achievements, Shelly-Ann is a very humble athlete. She wins with humility and loses with grace. That is why I admire her so much.


Q5) Share with us more about your coach, who happens to be your dad!

    My dad understands me and my needs really well and hence can design my training to suit me best. He sacrifices a lot of his time to do research on how to train me to become a better athlete.

    Elizabeth with her parents

    I love working with him because he is very dedicated and motivated, which inspires and pushes me to train harder.


Q6) What’s the highlight of your athletic achievement?

    At the 11th ASEAN Schools Games 2019, I won the Gold medal for the 100m Hurdles and broke 2 records – the Games record and the Singapore National U18 record (14.25s, -0.2m/s).

    Elizabeth helped Team Singapore with her Gold, to a 5-medal haul

    Standing on the podium, I was ecstatic and emotional when the Singapore National Anthem was being played. That was one of my proudest moments in athletics.


Q7) What are your thoughts on the mental aspect of athletics?

    There is a range of mental aspects in athletics:

    It is important to be goal-orientated. Without properly defined goals, I will have no focus or direction. Hence, at the beginning of every season I like to set goals together with my coach.

    Motivation drives me to keep training and giving my best, even on days when I may not feel like doing so. They are what make the tough get going when the going gets tough. Without strong, deep and personal reasons, one may give up easily.

    It is important to believe in one’s own abilities and preparedness. For me, this confidence is usually based on the effectiveness of the training program my coach has designed for me. Without this confidence, one may feel the battle is half lost even before the race has started.

    Ability to perform under pressure
    Throughout the athletics journey, inevitably there will be many types of pressure such as expectations to perform, negative comments etc. I believe that it is crucial to stay focused on your goals and tasks at hand and not be distracted by them.

    When my performance is not up to mark, I choose to look at it as a learning experience rather than a failure. Without this resilience, one will lose confidence and may even give up. But with it, and together with strong and deep motivations, I can bounce back quickly and stronger. Mastery of the above is indeed an art and I am still a work in progress.


Q8) What do you do as part of your recovery and to ensure you are in optimal condition for training and competition?

    Before my race, I will ensure that my muscles are all warmed up, ready to fire. If they aren’t, I’ll spam muscle spray to wake them up! At the starting line, I’ll never fail to say a little prayer, to surrender my race to God.

    After my race, I’ll always ensure that I do a proper cool down and stretch diligently. Sometimes, I’ll do ice baths to relax my muscles.


Q9) Do you have any other passion aside from Athletics?

    I really enjoy cooking and baking! During my free time, I like to try out new recipes that I learnt from watching YouTube videos.


Q10) What profession do you wish to be in when you are older?

    At this point, I’m still exploring my options.


Q11) You were recently awarded the SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship. How will this scholarship will help in your athletics journey?

    My athletics journey can be better supported by sports equipment, sports massage/physiotherapy, nutrition and even sports clinics (Link).


Q12) Can you share how your parents and Singapore Athletics have supported in your athletics journey?

    My parents have always encouraged me to pursue my passion for running. My dad coaches me while my mum helps me a lot in matters of emotional support, nutrition and administration. They also make the effort to be present at every local competition and accompany in most of my overseas competitions.

    Singapore Athletics has supported me in various ways. They have given me many opportunities to compete in overseas competitions. Because of these opportunities, I’m able to open my eyes to the world of athletics. I’ve watched so many great people like Su Bing Tian, Wei Yong Li, Ryota Yamagata and Salwa Eid Naser race live. I’ve learnt so much from these eye-opening experiences and am really grateful for them.

Q13) What is the most challenging moment of your athletic career and how did you overcome it?

    My experience at the 11th ASEAN Schools Game was a bittersweet one. Although I clinched the Gold medal for the 100m hurdles race, it came with the price of an injured ankle. Competing in the 100m heats the next morning with the gnawing pain in the leg was definitely not ideal
    Although I did qualify for the 100m finals, my parents and coach advised me to pull out from the finals to prevent further exacerbating my injury. I was very reluctant. I knew that I had prepared well for the Games and all my hard work for the entire 2019 was becoming nought.

    However, my parents told me to look at the bigger picture. In the end, I chose to be wise and pulled out of the race. It was never easy and I learnt I had to take things in my stride and acknowledged that this unprecedented injury was for me to learn an important lesson.

Q14) Any advice to young budding athletes in their athletics pursuit?

    Train smart before you train hard. Set goals and stay focussed.

24th Aug 2020
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We would like you to extend the invitation to your coaches to attend the Celebratory Event – Virtual Coaches Day 2020.

    Date: 3 September 2020, Thursday

    Time: 9.30am to 12.00pm

    Format: Online via Zoom (details will be shared upon registration)

    Registration: Coaches may register at this link. Registration closes on 25 August.

Coaches’ appreciation month in September is part of sporting organisations’ efforts to support good coaches worldwide. Coaches are the driving force behind the journeys of sporting excellence, and the development of skills and character. In the past few years, every September, the Singapore coaching community and partners gathered at Our Tampines Hub to celebrate Coaches’ Day, recognising the tireless contributions of coaches through an interactive sport fiesta.

As we are unable to organise a physical mass celebratory event currently, we do want to continue to honour the coaches’ dedication to the profession and perseverance in keeping the community safe by having a Coaches’ Day celebration in the virtual space and launch the #sgthankyoucoach campaign on social media during the month of September.

20th Aug 2020
Posted by Sha

Definition of Safe Sport

    According to the International Olympic Council’s Consensus Statement (2016), Safe Sport is defined as an “athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse”.

    Harassment and abuse can be expressed in five forms, occurring in combination or in isolation. It is based on any grounds, including race, religion, colour, creed, ethnic origin, physical, attributes, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socio-economic status, and athletic ability.

    It can happen in person or online. Harassment may be deliberate, unsolicited, or coercive. It often results from the abuse of authority or power by an individual against another.

Click here to enlarge this poster


To report an instance of alleged abuse and/or misconduct that goes against the values of Safe Sport, you may do the following:

  1. Call Singapore Athletics at 6386 2721 and ask to speak to SA Safeguarding Officer
  2. Contact SA Safeguarding Officers, Mr Gerald Ng (SA GM), Kelvin Ang (SA Asst Hon Sec), Ms Carine Attan (SA staff) and Ms Michelle Sng via online form below, or directly at
  3. Alternatively, you may request to meet our Safeguarding Officers personally
  4. You do not have to be a victim to report instances of abuse or misconduct, you could do it as a person who is aware of or have witnessed the incident(s). SA will ensure that your identity is kept strictly confidential.
  5. Lodge a report at any Police station or via the Police E-Service page. If it is an emergency that requires immediate Police assistance, call 999.

If you require help and counselling, or feel unsure about an encounter, you may reach out to:

  1. Sexual Assault Care Centre Helpline: 6779 0282 | www.sacc.sg
    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday | 10am to 10pm
  2. Women’s Helpline: 1800 777 5555 | www.aware.org.sg
    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday | 10am to 6pm
  3. Other Useful Resources for Reporting here

5th Aug 2020
singapore athletic association

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