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  • 4th July 2015, Saturday (Results)
  • 15th August 2015, Saturday (Results)
  • 5th September 2015, Saturday (Results)

Venue:ECP Jogging Track (Vicinity Car Park B1)

Time: Registration starts from 7am. Flag-off at 8am

Entry form: Download here.

Please forward all entries to SAA

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SEIKO and ATOS team.

SEA Games Thank you SEIKO ATOS Volunteers -4

Timing/scoring volunteers who worked closely with SEIKO and ATOS.

SEA Games Thank you SEIKO ATOS Volunteers -1

The volunteers

SEA Games Thank you SEIKO ATOS Volunteers -3

Fun pic

SEA Games Thank you SEIKO ATOS Volunteers -2

Photos courtesy of Henry Ong.

26th Jun 2015
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Date: 15-16 August 2015


Entry form: Download here

Please submit your entries directly to the organizer ([email protected]) and not SA. Thank you.

2015 Asian Grand Prix 2015 -1

Accurate as of 30th June 2015. Results and media courtesy of the organizers.



Team Singapore

Mark m/s Category Name Age Status Venue Date
10.56 -0.1 100m Men Kang Li Loong Calvin 25 Leg 1 Bangkok stadium, Thailand 22-Jun-2015 Ranking 3rd overall
10.61 -1.0 100m Men Kang Li Loong Calvin 25 Leg 2 TU Sports Complex, Thailand 25-Jun-2015 Ranking 4th overall
10.83 -1.5 100m Men Kang Li Loong Calvin 25 Leg 3 Chanthaburi, Thailand 29-Jun-2015 Ranking 9th overall


Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. Photos courtesy of TeamSG

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Athletes celebrate achievement

EY6_0620 (1)

18 June 2015 – The Singapore Athletics (SA) family came together on Thursday night at the Hotel InterContinental to celebrate the achievements of Team Singapore Track and Field athletes at the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Singapore 2015.

The team of 74, led by Captain Kenneth Khoo, finished with a total of nine medals to cap a fantastic Games that was held on home soil, at the majestic National Stadium at Singapore Sports Hub.

Zhang Guirong retained her women’s shot put gold medal while Soh Rui Yong (Men’s marathon) and sprint queen Shanti Pereira (200m women’s) won their first ever SEA Games gold.

Our three silvers came from Rachel Yang (Pole Vault women), Dipna Lim Prasad in the women’s 400m Hurdles and the team of Calvin Kang, Gary Yeo, Lee Cheng Wei and Amirudin Jamal secured a silver finish in the men’s 4x100m.

There was more joy as Hannah Lee (discus), Michelle Sng (high jump) and Shanti Pereira (100m) rounded up the medal tally with a bronze each.

Not only did we score well in the medal haul, our national athletes also achieved greatness in their various disciplines.

A total of nine national records were broken while 16 athletes achieved their Personal Best during the Games.

This marks a resounding end to a successful SEA Games campaign, and SA President Mr Tang Weng Fei was pleased with the superb report card.

He said: “This was a homecoming for Singapore athletes after 22 years and not only did we surpass expectations, our athletes also delivered joy to Singaporeans from all walks of life. From Shanti’s coming of age at this Games to the men’s 4x100m quartet who stormed past the finishing line in second place. We also rewrote nine national records while 16 of our athletes achieved new highs.

“What was also evident was that Singaporeans loved athletics as much as we do. Over the course of the six-day campaign, thousands of supporters came down to the various venues to cheer for our Singapore athletes and it was a sight to behold. 

“We cannot sit back now as we must now use this springboard to improve and keep the crowd coming. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to not just the medal winners but to each and every one of the 74 athletes and their coaches for a fantastic job well done.”

With a newly minted crown as Southeast Asia’s fastest woman over 200m, 18-year-old Shanti was still trying to get over the euphoria of striking gold in front of the brilliant home fans.

“This is not my dream but also Singapore’s dream.” declared Shanti. “Every bit of training paid off and my coaches’ advice made it happen. When I realised Singapore had waited 42 years for this gold medal in the 200m (Glory Barnabas won it back in 1973), it was even sweeter.”

“There are many people to thank but one thing is for sure. I could not have done it without the fanatical support at home. When I walked out at the National Stadium for my races, looking up into the stands and seeing so many Singapore flags and faces made me want to go faster. My sprint journey has just started but this 28th SEA Games on home soil, will always be one of my fondest memories.”

With a total of nine medals, nine national records and 16 personal bests attained, captain Kenneth was delighted that his final SEA Games was a memorable and successful one.

“When I was voted in to be captain of the Singapore Athletics team at this SEA Games, this was the kind of team spirit and achievements I wanted for us as a team. Everyone was encouraging one another and this is how it should be.

“I cannot be more happy to have led this truly remarkable team of 73 athletes and I hope, this is only the beginning to greater things for some of them. And of course, thank you to the wonderful supporters who were they over the course of five days giving us that extra boost to cross the finishing line.”


19th Jun 2015
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    Date: 1-2 August

    Venue: TBA

    Organizer: Ho Chi Minh Athletics Federation

Events contested

Men Women
Track 100m. 100m.
200m. 200m.
400m. 400m.
800m. 800m.
1,500m. 1,500m.
5,000m. 5,000m.
10,000m 10,000m
110m. Hurdles 100m. Hurdles
400m. Hurdles 400m. Hurdles
10,000m Walk 5,000m Walk
3,000m. Steeple Chase
Relay 4x100m.  4x100m.
4x200m 4x200m
4x400m.  4x400m.
Field Long Jump Long Jump
High Jump High Jump
Triple Jump Triple Jump
Shot Put Shot Put
Javelin Throw Javelin Throw
Discus Throw Discus Throw
Pole Vault Pole Vault


    Coming soon.

Team Singapore

For high performance athletes only.

Selection based on recent performances (from January 2015 sanctioned meets onwards).

Submit your interest by 19th June 2015. to SAA.

Selection criteria for Singapore athletes for overseas meet

Note: Overseas meet request are for Open invitational meets and not encompass qualifying meets such as SEA Youth, Asian Junior, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games.

    Based on the quota given by organiser (on a meet by meet basis), SAA is willing to send any Singaporean Athlete who meets or betters the SEA Games 2013 bronze medal benchmark (3rd placing of 2013 Sea Games).

    If the quota is not met based on the number of athletes selected and confirmed, any Singaporean Athlete who is 5% or less from the SEA Games 2013 bronze medal benchmark, will also be nominated. All these athletes will be ranked and the cut off will be the quota number invited. If the quota has been reached and if you are still keen to compete, SAA is willing to co-pay with you at 50% of the flight tickets and if you meet or better the bronze medal benchmark, SAA will reimburse you the fees paid.

    For any other athletes who are 6-10% off the 3rd placing of the SEA Games 2013 and are keen to compete, SAA will, on a case by case basis endorse you to be part of the team but you will have to bear the full costs of the air ticket and room and board stipulated by the organiser. Upon achieving the qualifying mark or better, SAA will reimburse the full amount to you.

    Only 2 Athletes per country are allowed to be entered per event. If more than 2 athletes meet the bronze medal benchmark, the top 2 ranked athletes according to the qualifying window period will be nominated as well.

    All SAA sanctioned competition results will be considered for nomination.

    All athletes who are nominated and selected will have to attend all Team Training, Briefing & Camps.

    SAA reserves the right to drop any qualified Athlete if the Athlete is deemed unfit to perform at a competitive level.

    Relays will be represented by selected national teams only.

For further qualification and selection matters please contact SAA

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In appreciation of SEIKO who provided timing systems and personnel for the SEA Games athletics event, SINGSOC with Singapore Athletics has hosted the SEIKO team over a dinner.

Seen in the photo is Singapore Athletics events manager Mr. Nelson Tan (5th from the left) and competition manager Mr. Wong Tien Choy (4th from the left), giving a token of appreciation to SEIKO team leader, Mr. Seiki Kitagwa, General Manager, SEIKO Timing Dept.

16th Jun 2015
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As below:

Awaiting ratification:

  • 4x100m Men 12-Jun-15 39.24 – SEA Games / Singapore – National Record Men
  • 4x100m Women 12-Jun-15 45.41 – SEA Games / Singapore – National Record Women
  • Chan, Xue Rou, Cheryl 3000m Steeplechase Women 12-Jun-15 11:45.16 – SEA Games / Singapore C- National & U23 Women
  • 4x400m Women 11-Jun-15 3:40.58 – SEA Games / Singapore – National Record Women
  • Ang, Chen Xiang 110mH Men 11-Jun-15 14.38s 0.2m/s SEA Games / Singapore – National & U23 Men
  • Rachel Yang Pole Vault Women 11-Jun-15 3.90m – SEA Games / Singapore – National Women
  • Eugenia Tan Yan Ning Long Jump Women 10-Jun-15 6.18m 0.4m/s SEA Games / Singapore – Nat, Nat Jr, U23 Women
  • Dipna Lim-Prasad 400m Hurdles Women 10-Jun-15 59.24s – SEA Games / Singapore – National Record Women
  • Shanti Veronica Pereira 200m Women 10-Jun-15 23.60s 0.3m/s SEA Games / Singapore – Nat, Nat Jr, U23 Women
15th Jun 2015
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Dear all, with the SEA Games coming to a close soon, the Sports Hub carpark will be closed as below to facilitate the closing ceremony and moving the props out of the venue.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


    – Please arrive early and take public transport.

    – Do not drive as only vehicles with valid parking labels will be allowed entry into car parks.


    – Stadium Road, Stadium Drive, and Stadium Boulevard (https://seagam.es/OfQlu).

    – Car parks in and around the National Stadium will close from 10pm (15 Jun 2015) and reopen at 1am (17 Jun 2015).


    – Singapore Indoor Stadium – Open throughout

    – OCBC Arena – Closed from 9.30pm (16 June) to 1am (17 June 2015)

    – OCBC Aquatic Centre – Closed from 3pm (16 June) to 1am (17 June 2015)


    Kallang MRT
    – Towards East (0018 hrs 17 June)
    – Towards West (2345hrs 16 June)

    Stadium MRT
    – Towards Marina Bay (2343hrs 16 June)
    – Towards Dhoby Gaut (2354hrs 16 June)
    – Towards East/North (0020hrs 17 June)

15th Jun 2015
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day 6 athletics 2015 sea games -13


Team Manager: Dr Govindasamy Balasekaran

Assistant Team Manager: Morales Menon

Athletes: 74 (40 male & 34 females)


  • National Record (9),
  • Personal Best (28),
  • Season Best (39),
  • Avg Age (23),
  • Avg Age Male (24),
  • Avg Age Female (22)

Other Stats:

  • Men contributed 2 medals, while women 7 medals of the total 9 medal haul
  • 5 medals are from Track events, and 4 medals from Field events
  • 28 out of 74 of our athletes has personal breakthroughs in their respective events
  • 42 out of 74 of our athletes has season-best in their respective events


National Records

There’s a total of 9 established national records, pending ratification by SA.

Mark m/s Category Name Age Status Date
39.24 4x100m Men CK, Gary, CW, Amir Final 12-Jun-2015 2/6pos, Silver, NR, PB, SB
14.38 0.2 110mH Men Ang, Chen Xiang 21 Heat 2 11-Jun-2015 5/5pos, NR, PB, SB
45.41 4x100m Women Wendy, Dipna, Shanti, Smriti Final 12-Jun-2015 4/6pos, NR, PB, SB
3:40.58 4x400m Women Piriyah, Dipna, Chui Ling, Shanti Final 11-Jun-2015 4/4pos, NR, PB, SB
23.60 0.3 200m Women Pereira, Shanti 19 Final 10-Jun-2015 1/8pos, Gold, NR, PB, SB
23.82 0.3 200m Women Pereira, Shanti 19 Heat 2 10-Jun-2015 2/8pos, NR, PB, SB, Q
59.24 400mH Women Lim Prasad, Dipna 24 Final 10-Jun-2015 2/4pos, Silver, NR, PB, SB
11:45.16 3000mSC Women Chan, Xue Rou Cheryl 20 Final 12-Jun-2015 7/9pos, NR, PB, SB
6.18 0.4 Long Jump Women Tan, Eugenia 19 Final 10-Jun-2015 5/10pos, NR, PB, SB
3.90 Pole Vault Women Yang, Rachel Isabel 33 Final 11-Jun-2015 2/4pos, Silver, NR, PB, SB

SEA Games final medal tally for athletics

Soh Rui Yong – Marathon men
Zhang Guirong – Shot put women
Shanti Veronica Pereira – 200m women

Rachel Yang – Pole vault women
Dipna Lim Prasad – 400m hurdles women
Calvin Kang, Gary Yeo, Lee Cheng Wei, Md Amirudin – 4x100m men

Hannah Lee – Discus women
Michelle Sng – High jump women
Shanti Veronica Pereira – 100m women

Overall Medal Tally

Other days highlights

You can also read and view the previous Day 1 to 5 highlights below:

Day 6 Highlights

One last night, one final photo op. Moments of parting can be among the most poignant of human experiences but we are confident that we shall meet again.

SEA Games debutant Hannah Lee lands bronze in her maiden outing at the biennial games with an effort of 45.72 metres

Women’s Discus Throw Final
1 INSAENG Subenrat 59.56 GR
2 Malaysia YAP Jeng Tzan 46.95
3 Singapore LEE Hannah 45.72 SB
4 Myanmar SAN Mar Mar 41.26
5 Malaysia TING Queenie Kun. 40.61
6 Thailand SROISENA Charuwan 35.63
7 Lao People’s Democratic Republic PAOSAVAD Phonexai 34.79
NM Singapore ZHANG Guirong

An ensemble of volunteers from all walks of life, contributing to the success of the Games with none of the applause.

Singapore high jumper Michelle Sng culminated her amazing comeback by grabbing bronze with a 1.81 metres effort

Women’s High Jump Final
1 Thailand BOONWAN Wanida 1.85 SB
2 Vietnam PHAM Thi Diem 1.83
3 Singapore SNG Suat Li Michelle 1.81
4 Vietnam DUONG Thi Viet Anh 1.78
5 Thailand KITTIPHAT Jaruwan 1.74
6 Malaysia YAP Sean Yee 1.74
NM Singapore CHEONG Valerie

Our 4x100m relay boys ran to a new National Record of 39.24s, pending ratification by SA. Sprinter Md Amirudin has been wearing black armband throughout his SEA Games races as he was running in remembrance of Md Zaki Sapari

Men’s 4x100m Relay Final
1 THAILAND 38.99
4 MALAYSIA 39.67
5 BRUNEI 40.95
6 LAOS 41.94

It’s a 6th and 7th place finish by our quarter-miler women athletes

Women’s 400m Final
1 Vietnam NGUYEN Thi Huyen 52.00 PB
2 Vietnam QUACH Thi Lan 52.52
3 Malaysia VALLABOUY Sheree. 54.26 PB
4 Thailand YONGPHAN Treewadee 55.13
5 Malaysia MAZLAN Nurul Fai. 55.64
6 Singapore GOH Chui Ling 57.48 PB
7 Singapore T Piriyah 57.78
DNS Thailand ENG-CHUAN Atchima

Singapore athletes in the men 400m finished 6th and 7th respectively

Men’s 400m Final
1 Thailand SUKKAEW Kunanon 46.00 GR
2 Vietnam QUACH Cong Lich 46.02 PB
3 Philippines ALEJAN Edgardo Jr. 47.08 SB
4 Vietnam LUONG Van Thao 47.16 PB
5 Malaysia ALET Mohamad Ari. 47.43
6 Singapore PERCY Muncherji 47.87
7 Singapore NG Chin Hui 48.83
8 Malaysia KRISHNAN Dinesh 49.04

Gutsy run by Singapore’s Cheryl Chan who lowered the women 3000m steeplechase record to 11:45.16 minutes running with a torn quad and bruised knee, while Eliza Ng also PB with a 12:14.91 effort

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Final
1 Indonesia BUDIARTI Rini 10:20.40
2 Vietnam NGUYEN Thi Phuong 10:32.61
3 Philippines BARNARD Jessica 10:36.90 PB
4 Vietnam TRUONG Thi Thuy 10:40.54 SB
5 Myanmar SE Khin Mar 10:52.75 PB
6 Myanmar SOE Hnin Yu 11:06.45
7 Singapore CHAN Cheryl Xue 11:45.16 PB
8 Singapore NG Yu Jun Eliza 12:14.91 PB
9 Lao People’s Democratic Republic MINGHAMKYONG Cha. 12:49.64

Singapore’s Md Shah Feroz and Colin Tung smashed their 3000m steeplechase PBs by running 9:42.78 and 9:54.76 respectively. 9 out the 11 athletes in the field in fact had PBs!

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase Final
1 Philippines ULBOC Christophe. 8:59.07 PB
2 Vietnam PHAM Tien San 8:59.90 PB
3 Indonesia PURWANTO Atjong 9:06.41 PB
4 Malaysia HAMIZAN Ahmad Luth 9:18.42 PB
5 Myanmar KAUT Mar 9:20.85 PB
6 Vietnam LE Trong Giang 9:25.08
7 Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste DE CARVALHO Ribe. 9:34.42 PB
8 Lao People’s Democratic Republic THAMMAVONGCHITH 9:37.41 PB
9 Singapore MOHEDEN Muhammad. 9:42.78 PB
10 Philippines HERRERA Rene 9:52.38
11 Singapore TUNG Zhi Shing C 9:54.76 PB

Team Singapore missed out on a bronze medal by 0.007 seconds. It’s a new national record, pending ratification by SA

Women’s 4x100m Relay Final
1 THAILAND 44.27
2 VIETNAM 44.77
3 MALAYSIA 45.41

If you wish to see more SEA Games videos, it’s being uploaded here at https://www.youtube.com/playlist…. while the Facebook Day 6 gallery can be found here.

15th Jun 2015
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