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Objectives of CECS Level 1 Course:

    To develop the skills to organize Kids Athletics: Preparation and Competition; orientation to athletics for 13-15 year-olds.

Closing Date: 15 August 2014 – 6pm

    Announcement of Final list of Participants: 25 August 2014
    Maximum participants allowed: 24

Selection guidelines

All applicants must meet the basic entry requirements to be considered for the course. If you do not meet the basic entry requirements, you may not be shortlisted for the course.

Basic Entry Requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Have a minimum of a completed Primary school education
  • Have an interest in athletics
  • Must be physically fit and able to learn to demonstrate all athletic events.
  • Must be willing to actively involve himself or herself as a qualified coach and to assist the IAAF Member Federation in the development of athletics
  • Be able to speak and read the course language sufficiently well to sit a written and practical examination
  • Compulsory to attend all classes punctually and throughout the duration of the course (10 days, 800 am to 630 pm) – Tentative dates: 15-19 and 22-26 September 2014

Online Application

Shortlisted criteria

Where there are more than 24 applicants who meet the above basic entry requirements, the selection panels will shortlist applicants based on the following selection guidelines:

1. Occupation

    a) Group A – Current Track & Field coaches and PE teachers etc.
    b) Group B – Non Track & Field coaches, public etc.


    Allocated Percentage





    Group A *

    School PE Teachers
    School Track and Field CCA Teachers
    Track and Field coaches
    Kids Athletic Certified Coaches

    Group B *

    School Sports Administrators
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Coaches coaching other sports
    Interest Group
    National Athletes / Former National Athletes

    * Relevant documents (certificates, referral letters etc.) must be accompanied together with your application form and cheque.

2. Payment received

    All applications are given consideration according to the date the completed application & payment are received by the SAA. Applications without payment will not be considered complete until payment is received. Please note: Your cheque is not banked in until after selection.

Any enquiries please contact SAA

Previous courses:

Posted by Sha

soh rui yong
Photo courtesy of Soh Rui Yong

Eugene Half Marathon, 27th July
68:15min, PB
#2 on all-time SG men half marathon list

29th Jul 2014
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Mark m/s Category Name Age Status Date
10.77 -0.4 100m Men Kang Li Loong Calvin 24 Heat 2 27-Jul-14 5/8pos
10.94 -0.6 100m Men Mustapa, Md Elfi 27 Heat 3 27-Jul-14 4/7pos
10.82 0.9 100m Men Yeo Foo Ee Gary 28 Heat 5 27-Jul-14 6/9pos
12.78 -0.2 100m Women Habibah Najihah 20 Heat 6 27-Jul-14 7/8pos
12.59 0.5 100m Women Tan, Yan Ning Eugenia 18 Heat 5 27-Jul-14 6/8pos

Did not advance to the next round.


URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK95teWFZJVBSRNsJnswiTzNsy8Vj2Gnf

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Singapore Athletes

Athletes: 6 (3 men & 3 women)

Officials: James Wong (Team Mgr)

Records: Nil

Medals: – (-)

Personal Bests: 1 PB instances by 1 athlete

Mark m/s Category Name Age Affiliation Status Date
16.24 Shot Put Men Wong Kai Yuen 20 Singapore Final 25-Jul-14 4/16pos, PB
11.45 -0.8 100m Men Joseph Yuan 28 Club Zoom Heat 1 26-Jul-14 6/9pos
2:02.33 800m Men Fang Jian Yong 24 Singapore Heat 4 25-Jul-14 Ranked 21/33
44.49 Discus Throw Women Hannah Lee 22 Singapore Final 26-Jul-14 4/10pos
20:54.00 5000m Women Ng Yew Cheo 28 Swift Final 25-Jul-14 11/18pos
5:11.66 1500m Women Ng Yu Jun Eliza 28 Swift Heat 2 26-Jul-14 4/7pos, q
5:18.50 1500m Women Ng Yu Jun Eliza 25 Swift Final 26-Jul-14 6/6pos



URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK95teWFZJVAlYlYAr3C_MDwMozGQMWym


Click thumbnail to enlarge photo. Photos courtesy of Joe Goh, and Vietnam Open SG team.

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Team Singapore

Athletes: 2 (2 women)

Officials: Margaret Oh (Team Manager), William Wong (Official)

Records: Nil

Medal: Nil

Personal Bests: 1

Mark m/s Category Name Age Status Date
23.87 2.1 200m Women  Shanti Veronica PEREIRA 18 Heat 5 24-Jul-14 2/7pos, Q. PB
24.24 1.2 200m Women  Shanti Veronica PEREIRA 18 Semi 2 24-Jul-14 6/8pos
14.62 1.7 100m Hurdles 0.838m Women  Min Jannah WONG 18 Heat 3 25-Jul-14 7/8pos



URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK95teWFZJVC1ZluGiFYantxQS80D-XNT


Click thumbnail to enlarge photo. Photos courtesy of Soh Rui Yong, and IAAF World Jr SG team.

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Mok Ying Ren withdraws from 2014 Commonwealth Games

Mok Ying Ren is withdrawing from the marathon event at Commonwealth Games due to a shin injury. We at SAA wish him a speedy recovery.

You can the news report here, or Mok’s official statement itself.

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Glasgow is 7 hours behind of S’pore, eg 12pm there, it’s 7pm in SG

27th Jul SUNDAY

Below is local Glasgow time

  1. 14:44 Men’s 100m Round 1 – Heat 2, Calvin Kang
  2. 14:51 Men’s 100m Round 1 – Heat 3, Md. Elfi
  3. 15:05 Men’s 100m Round 1 – Heat 5, Gary Yeo
  4. 16:23 Women’s 100m Round 1 – Heat 5, Eugenia Tan
  5. 16:30 Women’s 100m Round 1 – Heat 6, Habibah Najihahbi

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Web screen capture of Shanti’s heats. Apologies for the low quality in photo.

Shanti Veronica Pereira did not disappoint as she ran a lifetime best of 23.87 seconds in her women 200 metres event qualifiers.

Slotted for heat 5, in lane 6, the RP student finished second in her heats and advanced to the semis which was held later in the afternoon.

Although the 18-year-old ran faster than her national record held timing of 23.99 seconds, the windspeed was just slightly above the legal limits under IAAF records ratification ruling.

Her race, a windspeed of 2.1m/s was recorded, just point one above the legal limit, thus it will not be admitted as a new women 200 metres national mark.

Web screen capture of Shanti’s semis. Apologies for the low quality in photo.

As for the semi-final race, Shanti finished in a timing of 24.24 seconds 1.2m/s in sixth position.

She did not advance to the next round.

Coach Margaret and her now will then travel from Oregon, USA to Glasgow to join the Singapore team at the Commonwealth Games where Shanti is chalked in to run the women 4×100 metres relay.

Link to results, heats & semis.

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singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
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