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Posted by Sha


The Teck Ghee CSC Tug of War Challenge 2013 which was held earlier at the open Field opposite Ang Mo Kio Hub was a resounding success.

A selection of team competed for the coveted trophy.

We hope to see you next year again.


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29th Jun 2013
Posted by Sha

Looks like our team will have a leg up in their quest for glory in Tug-of-War as they’ve just received their new boots.

The outdoor boots was designed by our Taiwanese counterpart Tug-of-War coach. Looks impressive eh.

Tug-of-War boots 015

Tug-of-War boots 016

Tug-of-War boots 017

29th Jun 2013
Posted by Sha





  • Event held over two days
  • 27th July 2013, Saturday
  • 28th July 2013, Sunday


  • Choa Chu Kang Stadium

Download Registration Form Files:

Age eligibility / Categories :

    Minimum age – 13 (i.e. those born in 2000 & earlier)
    Under 15: 13 years to 14 years old as of 31 December 2013
    Youth: 15 years to 17 years old as of 31 December 2013
    Junior: 18 years to 19 years old as of 31 December 2013
    Open: 13 years old and above unless otherwise stated


Send in your registration form to SAA.

Entry Fees:

    S$10.00 per event
    S$20.00 per event (Late entries, pending available lane allocation and slot)
    S$5.00 per set for replacement number bibs


  • Send in your cheque. Cheque should be made payable to: “SINGAPORE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION”.
  • Our address to send in your cheque is 3 Champions Way, Singapore Sports School (Blk 1), #01-10, Singapore 737912.
  • There will be no refund of entry fees for any withdrawal / no-show after the closing date.
  • There will be no refund if event is cancelled due to bad/ wet weather on event day itself.

Closing date:

    Registration is closed as of Sunday, 15 July 2013.

For inquiries, please call 6386-2721, or email SAA.

Registration Method #1 – Electronic Registration

This event uses electronic registration to ease the registration process. After the first registration, you will be able to use the saved database of your athletes’ particulars for future registration of SAA events.

  1. Download Team Manager Lite software at https://www.hy-tekltd.com/downloads.html
  2. Then download and extract the this Series events file (EV1 format). Load it with the newly installed Team Manager Lite software.
  3. From there, register your participant(s).
  4. Then export the file and send it to SAA
  5. Detailed manual instruction of event registration, refer to the Team Manager Lite Manual document.
  6. For inquiries, please call 63862721.

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Posted by Sha


SAA President Mr. Tang Weng Fei hosting lunch for our Myanmar Tug-of-War counterparts.

In attendance from SAA includes Mr. James Wong (SAA General Manager), Mr. Loh Chan Pew (SAA Chief of HPE), Mr. Terry (TOW rep) and Mr. William Wong (SAA VP of Finance).

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo.


28th Jun 2013

saa agm 2013

Below are the outcome of the voting of SAA’s Management Committee Members from last night, no change from the previous AGM and accompanied media files.

The 12 Management Committee Members

  1. Institute of Technical Education Sports Council
  2. Macritchie Runners 25
  3. Nanyang Polytechnic
  4. National Technological University
  5. National University of Singapore
  6. NTUC Club
  7. Prison Sports & Recreation Club
  8. Red Hawk Sports Club
  9. Republic Polytechnic
  10. Singapore Armed Forces Sports Association
  11. Singapore Police Sports Association
  12. Wings Athletics Club


Video Markers:

    00:46 minute – Records & Performances review in 2012
    02:20 minute – Relay boys train fulltime
    05:55 minute – Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
    06:20 minute – Venus Run
    08:00 minute – Singapore Masters & Asian Masters 2016
    11:45 minute – Sponsorships


saa agm 971318_598075900213154_575895932_n

The event promptly started at 7:15pm.

saa agm 1043946_598075890213155_1364353410_n

A peek into the Royal Room 1 before the proceedings started.

saa agm 1013894_598075956879815_41953528_n

The event on-going.

saa agm 1013809_598075993546478_1185922948_n

Nanyang Polytechnic representatives Mr. Guru Oly & Mr. Ronnie Cai smiles for the camera.

saa agm 5874_598075916879819_935899013_n

Aquarius and Dasani bottled water for beverages.

saa agm 1005412_598076053546472_690377982_n

SAA VP of Finance Mr. William Wong (left of the table end in this photo) has the floor.

saa agm 1011081_598076046879806_2075179777_n

SAA President Mr. Tang Weng Fei (left of photo in blue top) and SAA General Manager Mr. James Wong (in the back) overlooking the counting of votes for Members Committee.

Previous AGM

28th Jun 2013

Photo from last year AGM.

All SAA Management Committee Members and Affiliated Members are to take note of the below following details of the upcoming AGM. We hope to see you there.

Date: 27th June 2013, Thursday

Time: 7:15pm

Venue: Hotel Royal, 36 Newton Rd, 307964

Previous AGM

26th Jun 2013

It was Dipna-Lim Prasad’s first women 400 metres hurdles race of the year and her last outing for the event was in November of last year in 2012 at Thailand Open, but the lack of races didn’t deter the 22-year-old from chalking a new national record in the 0.762 metres hurdles height race.

Dipna return a timing of 60.58 seconds during the weekend proceedings of the 75th edition of the Singapore Open Track & Field Championships held at the Choa Chu Kang stadium.

The old mark previously stood at 61.69 seconds which was held by her training partner T. Piriyah, pending ratification by SAA.

Starting in Lane 4, the lanky lass record breaking performance improved her personal best by some 3.11 seconds, and slashed some 1.11 seconds off the 400 metres hurdles old record.

The NTU undergraduate had a splendid start, on par with the Japanese competitor, Ito Airi who was starting in the lane one behind her. Ito who will go on to win the 100m hurdles women event later in the Singapore Open this edition has a blistering personal best of 13.27 seconds in her pet event, finished second with a timing of 61.41 seconds in that race.

It was the push from a calibre athlete such as Ito was what Dipna needed and lack locally. From the start Ito pushed the pace from behind clearing the first hurdle ahead of anyone else while Dipna was just a heartbeat behind.

After the third hurdle, the diminutive Japanese Ito was already side by side Dipna but the Singapore Sports School alumni was unfazed and stuck to her race plan. Dipna commented, “Every run is different especially when it comes to hurdles I had to adjust my steps as I went along”.

And she did. Dipna coasted alongside Ito keeping up with the furious pace and at the fifth hurdle marker, the Japanese hurdler showed signs of fatigue, while Dipna was still in her element gaining ground.

But Ito wasn’t about to give up that easily, as for the next four hurdles there was a tit-for-tat response by both competitors, alternating to take the lead. It was only in the last 40 metres of the race that Dipna finally let loose a last surge of speed that Ito could keep pace with.

Dipna who started the race with an intention to improve her personal best but in the end was pleasantly surprised later on to find out that she broke the national record in the women 400 metres hursles event. She added post-race, “I wasn’t thinking about the record. My coach just told me to run my best. I think it’s more important to be more focus on process goals and not to worry about the outcome”.

Both Dipna and Piriyah are currently being coached by Viatcheslav Vassiliev.

When asked of what areas of her running can be improved in her quest to meet the qualifying time of the SEA Games women 400 metres hurdles event (59.64 seconds), Dipna added, “Probably getting the feel of my stepping”.

For your info Piriyah’s 61.69 seconds effort is still the women national junior record and in fact she was one the first to congratulate Dipna.

Dipna mentioned, “She [Piriyah] was really sweet. We’ve been friends for so many years. She congratulated me when she found out”.

2013 – 60.58s, Singapore Open
2012 – 63.69s, Thailand Open

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From left to right, Wendy Enn, Shanti Veronica Pereira, Dipna-Lim Prasad and T. Piriyah.

At the recent Taiwan Open T&F Championship held at the Taipei Municipal Stadium on 28th May, four of our best quarter-miler girls ran the 4×400 metres event in the hope of chasing and securing their SEA Games spots.

The first leg was run by Wendy Enn, the second Shanti Veronica Pereira, the third Dipna-Lim Prasad and the last leg by T. Piriyah.

They needed to run 3:45.03 minutes or better but they fall short of the qualifying mark returning a time of 3:48.16 minutes instead.

While our girls’ mile quartet team was naturally disappointed there was however a silver lining as their effort was the first sub 3:50 minutes timing in recent memory.

It was also a 1.93 seconds improvement in the Under-23 women 4×400 metres record.

They improved the previous 2011 record of 3:50.09 minutes ran by Wendy Enn, Valerie Seema Pereira, T. Piriyah and Dipna-Lim Prasad, which currently now stand at 3:48.16 minutes from the Taiwan outing, pending ratification by SAA.

From left to right, the 2011 record breaking team T. Piriyah, Wendy Enn, Dipna-Lim Prasad and Pereira.

The Under-23 years record was established to recognized and acknowledge the effort by our transitioning junior to senior ranks athlete.

If you’re observant enough, it was more or less the same girls that ran the 2011 record breaking race, also ran in the recent Taiwan Open too.

A hint… it’s the Pereira sisters.

The difference was that the former race second leg was run by Valerie Seema Pereira and the latter race also a second leg was run by Valerie’s younger sister, Shanti.

The four girls were oblivious of the new record ran in Taiwan until they were told by their respective coaches, Shanti who was coached by Ms. Margaret Oh and the other three girls by Mr. Viatcheslav Vassiliev.

Running in Lane 6, 19-years-old Wendy Enn running the first leg ran a blistering first part of the race and felt the lactic surge at the end. She was split at around 59.7 seconds as she handed the baton to Shanti Veronica Pereira.

Wendy was too harsh on her performance as she recalled, “I pulled the team down. I should improve on my 400 metres more and we should run more 4×400 metres more often.”

Shanti who is multiple record holders in junior and youth level showcased her talent not only in the shorter sprints but also the longer ones as she was split at around 55.8 seconds. There was nearly a botched baton passed as she handed the baton to Dipna-Lim Prasad, but luckily they recovered.

Our golden girl who was optimistic of the quartet future races, Shanti was quoted post-race, “I’m sure we can go faster. If we continue training that we do and just stay focused until we qualify, I’m sure was can do it”.

The third leg runner Dipna-Lim Prasad, a seasoned athlete and the current record holder in the women 100 metres hurdles chased down and improved the team position from 3rd to 2nd on her watch. The 22-year-old was split at around 55.9 seconds.

Dipna recapped, “Our passing, I fumbled for the baton when receiving from Shanti so that cost us a bit of time. “

There was already a good sizable lead as Team Singapore was in silver medal position as Dipna passed the baton to the last leg runner, T. Piriyah. The first placed team, the Vietnamese was some 20-30 metres ahead but 21-year-old Piriyah was undaunted. She tried, held on the second spot for the team and was split at 56.7 seconds.

After the race, Piriyah commented, “Maybe I could have ran faster, too much lactic from the 400m”, referring to her previous races in the day where she ran two 400 metres races.

The race was won by the Vietnam women national team, their timing 3:44.49 minutes, while the bronze medal was won by a local Taiwanese club, 3:50.77 minutes.

The four girls once again will have a chance to redeem themselves again later today as they’re scheduled to run the 4×400 metres event at the 75th Singapore Track & Field Championship. All the best girls!

Video of the race

Team Singapore in Lane 6.

Video courtesy of Lee Cheng Wei.

Benchmark to beat
Women national record – 3:43.85 (1974)
2013 SEA Games qualifying mark – 3:45.03

4x400m Season-best
2013 – 3:48.16 (Wendy, Shanti, Piriyah, Dipna)
2012 – 3:57.83 (Ruelia, Tyra Ree, Charlene, Farhana)
2011 – 3:50.09 (Wendy, Valerie, Piriyah, Dipna)
2010 – 4:07.16 (S’pore Jr. team)

23rd Jun 2013
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