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    May 4 – Asian Grand Prix (1st leg) Bangkok, THA
    May 8 – Asian Grand Prix (2nd leg) Chonburi, THA
    May 12 – Asian Grand Prix (3rd leg) Sri Lanka, SRI


Team Singapore

Leg #3

    The Men’s 4x100m team will be withdrawing from the 3rd & Final leg of the AGP series here in Colombo, Sri Lanka. As majority of the team mates are down and sick. They will not be in a race fit condition for this race.

Leg #2

    Lane 2, Team Singapore running into the history books at Chonburi, Thailand yesterday. They improved their men 4x100m national mark by 0.13 seconds. It now stands at 39.45s pending ratification. Old record was 39.58s set last year at the same AGP event. Lineup : Md Elfi > Gary Yeo > Lee Cheng Wei > Md Amirudin
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCn4-jiDMFQ

    1st Singapore – 39.45s
    2nd China – 39.79s
    3rd Oman – 39.82s
    4th Thailand – 39.83s
    5th Taipei – 39.90s

Leg #1

    Singapore, Lane 4, 4x100m 39.98s. AGP, Bangkok.
    Line-up: Md. Elfi to Gary Yeo to Lee Cheng Wei to Md. Amirudin
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PANpl1O0I0Q

    1st China – 39.63s
    2nd Singapore – 39.98s
    3rd Korea – 40.32s
    4th Sri Lanka – 40.36s
    5th Thailand ‘C’ – 40.46s
    6th Thailand ‘ B’ – DQ

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    Date: 11-12 May

    Venue: Nilai, Malaysia


Singapore athletes results from the meet:

  • JAMES WONG, 49.14m (Discus 2kg men) Wings Athletics Club – 1st, Final
  • TOH WEI DE, 36.82m (Discus 2kg men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 4th, Final
  • JOHN TAN, 32.39m (Discus 2kg men) Nanyang Polytechnic – 6th, Final
  • WAN LAY CHI, 13.27m (Shot put women) Nanyang Polytechnic – 1st, Final
  • ANNABEL SEE, 10.30m (Shot put women) Nanyang Polytechnic – 4th, Final
  • KOH ZHE MING BRYAN, 47.55m (Javelin men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 4th, Final
  • Lim Jin Xing, 11.48s (100m men) CLUB ZOOM – 5th, Semis
  • LIM YAO PENG, 11.28s (100m men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 3rd, Semis
  • HANNAH LEE, 41.81m (Discus women) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 2nd, Final
  • Lu Weiyi, 24.94s (200m men) CLUB ZOOM – 4th, Semis
  • Izwan Firdaus, 23.95s (200m men) CLUB ZOOM – 2nd, Semis
  • LIM YAO PENG, 23.30s (200m men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 2nd, Semis
  • LIM YAO PENG, 23.14s (200m men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 3rd, Final
  • KENNETH KHOO, 51.42s (400m men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 4th, Semis
  • LANCE TAN, 51.85s (400m men) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 3rd, Semis
  • ASMAH HANIM, 60.43s (400m women) WINGS ATHLETIC CLUB – 3rd, Final
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Courtesy of ATFS and ASIAN AA Statistician Heinrich Hubbeling.

17th May 2013
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SMC would like to kindly inform you that there has been a change in the operating hours of the Sports Medicine Centre (SMC) with effect from 1 May 2013, as follows:

    Mon to Thu, 8.30am – 6.00pm

    Fri – 8.30am – 5.30pm

    Sat – Closed

SMC is closed from 1pm to 2pm for lunch.

6th May 2013
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It is mandatory for all School CCA Coaches to have attended the full-day NSYS for Coaching in Singapore Schools Workshop by 2015.

SEP instructors/coaches may choose to either attend the full-day programme or to attend Modules 1-3 to qualify as Sports Education Programme (SEP) service providers

Details here.

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Nippon Sports Science University Meet
Image courtesy of Hirokazu Kobayashi



For 100m individual results:

    Calvin Kang – 10.60s +2.0m/s

    Gary – 10.77s +2.0m/s

    Amir – 10.67s +3.3m/s

    Elfi – 10.81s +3.3m/s

For 4x100m result:

    40.93s – Calvin Kang pulled a hamstring during his relay leg but the team managed to finish the race.
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scott wong
File photo of Scott, by Pauline Tan.

Scott Wong Wei Gen who is our multiple record holders in the junior men and age-groups boys’ discus event has a personal breakthrough in his other specialty, the shot put.

The 23-year-old, who competed at the Leeds Metropolitan University Invitation on the 20th of April, hurled a lifetime best of 16.06 metres in the shot put 7.26kg men’s event.

The doctor-in-training improved his previous personal best of 15.89 metres which was achieved and established twice last year at the Singapore Open (Aug) & Singapore National Games (Sep).

Scott finished second behind his teammate, Rimantas Martisauskas (18.01m) of athletics club ‘Sale Harriers Manchester.

He also competed in the men’s’ discus 2kg event in Leeds and achieved a season-best of 48.57 metres, also another personal best.

The young athlete studying at Manchester University is now the local season leader in both the shot put and discus event.

The 2013 Myanmar SEA Games qualifying mark set by SAA pegged at the last edition bronze medal for the shot put and discus event are 17.08m and 50.28m respectively.

6th May 2013
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The Singapore Marathon had its beginning in 1982 when it was first established as a ‘fun run’ and 28th edition later, the event is now an IAAF Gold Label Race, and could easily attracts participation up to 50,000 per race.

Organised by then the Singapore International Marathon Organising Committee, the inaugural event saw Raymond Crab from the UK and Winnie Ng from Hong Kong to first cross the finishing line in a time of 2:24.19 and 2:55.11 respectively.

The men local category was won by Goh Gam Seng who finished the course in a time of 2:43.55.

Male open winners and Winnie Ng (right)

Men (Foreign)

    1st – Raymond Crab (UK) 2:24.19
    2nd – Kenneth Gene Hunter (USA) 2:25.49
    3rd – John Esquibel (USA) 2:26.03

Men (Local)

    1st – Goh Gam Seng, 2:43.55
    2nd – Sandrasegeran, 2:44.43
    3rd – Leow Hock Sin, 2:47.33

Women (Foreign)

    1st – Winnie Ng (Hong Kong) 2:55.11
    2nd – Sharon Barbano (USA) 3:15.11

The event after a resounding success two years earlier and with the encouraging response, it returned for its second edition in 1984.

The sport of running was getting popular with the masses back then, and the Singapore Marathon became the ideal event for one to seek a personal challenge.

It was a race not often against a competitor but a race against oneself.

Goh Gam Seng winner of local men’s category in 1982 and 1984

In the 1984 competition, Goh Gam Seng successfully defended his men local title, coming in an improved time of 2:35.54.

The race attracted quality competitors from world over.

That edition saw Tommy Persson of Sweden winning in record course fashion timing of 2:18.30 while Danish Kersti Jacobsen won the women’s open category also another new course record of 2:41.34

L to R: Winner of Men Open, participants shot along Nicoll Highway and Yeo Poh Cheow, women local winner.

Men (Foreign)

    1st – Tommy Persson (Sweden) 2:18.30
    2nd – Jose Rovyn (Belgium) 2:19.56
    3rd – Julien Grimmon (Belgium) 2:20.50

Men (Local)

    1st – Goh Gam Seng, 2:35.54
    2nd – R Elengovan, 2:43.35
    3rd – Leow Hock Sin, 2:51.18

Women (Foreign)

    1st – Kersti Jacobsen (Denmark) 2:41.34
    2nd – Evy Palm (Sweden) 2:45.40
    3rd – Asha Aggarwal (India) 2:45.40

Women (Local)

    1st – Yeo Poh Cheow, 3:24.27
    2nd – Wee Chee Hoong, 3:27.46
    3rd – Dr Chung Sook Yin, 3:40.02

Over the years, the event has grown in popularity.

Recognised by International Association of Athletics Federations, Singapore Marathon initiatives was also in-line with the Singapore National Olympic Council’s policy of promoting Sports Excellence in Singapore.

Below are more galleries to the most anticipated running event of the year, and we hope this article shed more insight on Singapore marathon beginnings.

Results – 1986 Singapore Marathon

Men (Foreign)

    1st – Alain Lazara (France) 2:19.04
    2nd – Baikuntha Mandhar (Nepal) 2:23.38
    3rd – Jean Pierre Pietrement (France) 2:24.13

Men (Local)

    1st – Leow Hock Sin, 2:47.30
    2nd – Tan Choon Ghee, 2:51.11
    3rd – Sandeirasegaran Segar, 2:51.38

Women (Foreign)

    1st – Kersti Jacobsen (Denmark) 2:39.03
    2nd – Denise Verhaert (Belgium) 2:50.04
    3rd – Barbara McKerrow (New Zealand) 2:57.05

Women (Local)

    1st – Wee Chee Hoong, 3:18.29
    2nd – K Jayamani, 3:19.55
    3rd – Yeo Poh Cheow, 3:30.35

Gallery – 1986 Singapore Marathon

Results – 1988 Singapore Marathon

Men (Foreign)

    1st – Hans Pfisterer (W.Germany) 2:22.49
    2nd – Soeren Hellmark (Sweden) 2:23.50
    3rd – Jetil Berg (Norway) 2:24.12

Men (Local)

    1st – Khoo Ching Mong Rocky, 2:44.21
    2nd – Kanan s/o Vedhamuthu, 2:48.36
    3rd – M Sanderasegaran, 2:48.56

Women (Foreign)

    1st – Li Yemei (People’s Rep. of Chine) 2:46.04
    2nd – Maria Lawalata (Indonesia) 2:48.49
    3rd – Tove Schultz-Lorentzen (Denmark) 2:50.26

Women (Local)

    1st – Amy Dudley, 3:14.30
    2nd – Chua Bee Ling Irene, 3:24.49
    3rd – Wee Chee Hoong, 3:25.29

Gallery – 1988 Singapore Marathon

2nd May 2013
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