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Update #3

Results of Team Singapore:

  • 49.92s – Kenneth Khoo Kian Seong, 29 yrs (400m Men, 6th position)
  • 14.87s [0.3 m/s] – Ang Chen Xiang, 17 yrs (110m Hurdles Boys 0.991m, 5th position)
  • 15.66m – Wong Kai Yuen, 17 yrs (Shot Put Boys 6kg, 2nd position)
  • 45.70m – Wan Lay Chi, 23 yrs (Discus Women 1kg, 2nd position)
  • 14.13m – Wan Lay Chi, 23 yrs (Shot Put Women 4kg, 1st position)
  • 37.38m – Chan Zhi Xuan, 17 yrs (Discus Girls 1kg, 2nd position)
  • 39.08m – Wong Kai Yuen, 17 yrs (Discus Boys 1.75kg, 6th position)
  • 54.62s – Muhammad Zaki Bin Sapari, 19 yrs (400m Hurdles Men 0.914m, 5th position)
  • 3:19.97 min – (4x400m Men, 4th position)
    Ng Chin Hui 17 yrs
    Khoo, Kenneth 29 yrs
    Bin Sapari, Muhammad 19 yrs
    Let, Jian Jie 17 yrs

Posted 25th September 1:50PM

Update #2

Application for sanction and registering interest for this meet is now over.

Posted 20th July 2:17AM

Singapore Athletic Association will be sending 12 athletes, three of which are from the Commonwealth Youth Games squad in preparation for their September competition, and the rest are from the SEA Games selected athletes pool for the Asian Inter-City Athletics Meet 2011, to be held on 27-28 August 2011 at Taipei Stadium.

SAA however is calling Singapore athletes who wish to seek sanction and register your interest for Asian Inter-City Athletics Meet 2011. Coaches and athletes, if you’re interested please contact SAA furnished with the below details. You can also directly call SAA at +65-6386-2721.

    PB of event:
    Date of Birth:
    Handphone number:

Closing date is Monday 18 July 2011, 12pm. Late entries would not be entertained.

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For the Asian Athletic Championships 2011, Singapore sent seven athletes and two officials. The 19th edition of the Championships were held in Kobe, Japan

Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium played host to some 600 athletes from 45 member countries and regions of the Asian Athletics Association (AAA) between July 7 and July 10, 2011.

Below are highlights of our Team Singapore athletes:

10.69s (1.8m/s) – 100m Men, Md. Amirudin Jamal

Semi-final 2 of 2, 7th position

10.70s (0.0m/s) – 100m Men, Md. Amirudin Jamal

Heat 3 of 4, 5th position

10.78s (-0.2m/s) – 100m Men, Md. Elfi Mustapa

Heat 2 of 4, 5th position

21.86s (2.1m/s) – 200m Men, Calvin Kang

Heat 3 of 3, 5th position

22.42s (-1.3m/s) – 200m Men, Md. Elfi Mustapa

Heat 1 of 3, 6th position

14.53s (-0.8m/s) – 100m Hurdles Women Dipna Lim Prasad

Heat 1 of 2, 5th position

Pole Vault Women – Rachel Yang

No height

40.17s – 4x100m Men

Heat, 4th position (Calvin Kang, Md. Amirudin Jamal, Gary Yeo, Md. Elfi Mustapa)

40.24s – 4x100m Men

Final, 7th position (Calvin Kang, Md. Amirudin Jamal, Gary Yeo, Md. Elfi Mustapa)

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From the left: Chan Zhi Xuan, Ng Chin Hui, Ang Chen Xiang, Timothee Yap, Wong Kai Yuan, Jana Lauren (Coach) & Ang Kwee Tiang (Team Manager). Photo courtesy of James Wong.

A 10-team member comprising of eight Singapore youth and two officials were sent for the IAAF World Youth Championships 2011.

The biannually Championships in its 7th edition was held in Lille M├ętropole, France, at the Stadium Lille-M├ętropole. Below is a recap of our junior performances:

100m Boys

11.03s 0.3m/s Donovan Chan
11.07s -0.3m/s Tan Zong Yang
11.30s -2.0m/s Donovan Chan (Semi-final)

200m Boys

22.67s 0.1m/s Tan Zong Yang
22.72s -0.9m/s Ng Chin Hui

800m Boys

1:57.36 min Devaraj, Zachary

110m Hurdles Boys (0.914m)

14.69s -0.7m/s Ang Chen Xiang

400m Hurdles Boys (0.838m)

54.55s Timothee Yap Jin Wei

Discus Girls (1kg)

37.32m Chan, Zhi Xuan

Shot Put Boys (5kg)

16.77m Wong, Kai Yuen

Medley Relay

1:56.46 Tan Zong Yang, Donovan Chan, Timothee Yap Jin Wei & Ng Chin Hui PB

Note: Medley Relay is an event comprising of relays of 100m > 200m > 300m > 400m = 1000m.

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SAA Track and Field Series 5 has just concluded and below are the results and highlighted performance:


  1. Chan, Sheng Yao (HCI) 4.62m pole vault men – Surpasses SEA Games qualifying mark of 4.50m. Also established a new U17 boys record, improved Sean Lim’s 2009 4.61m mark.
  2. Yang, Rachel (Wings) 3.82m pole vault women – Surpasses SEA Games qualifying mark of 3.75m. Also established a new national women record, better her own 2010 mark of 3.81m mark.
  3. Gary Yeo (Wings) 10.62s 100m men – Just 0.01 second away from SEA Games men’s SEA Games 100m qualifying mark.

All records are pending ratification by SAA.

16th Jul 2011
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Updated files as below for SAA T&F Series 5 (16th July) Bukit Gombak Stadium:

  • Start List Downloaded [download#515#hits] times
  • Schedule Downloaded [download#514#hits] times

Following events cancelled:

  1. Shot Put Men Open
  2. 800m Women Open
  3. Long Jump Women Open
  4. Discus Men Open
  5. 100m Hurdles (0.838m) Women Open
  6. 5000m Men Open

The trial will be a 2-hour affair now, from 2PM to 4:05PM.

15th Jul 2011
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We hope to see you again next year, and we at SAA would like thank you for all the support in making the Championship a success.

Essentials Links: Results | Start List | Team List | Schedule | C’ship Record

Follow S’pore Open LIVE broadcast at: SingaporeOpen.sg | FaceBook | Twitter | YouTube

Update #12



Posted 30th August 2:22AM

Update #11

Results updated as of 9:57PM, 21 Aug:

Posted 22nd August 11:00AM

Update #10

  Team Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Japan 12 12 5 29
2 Papua New Guinea 4 4 4 12
3 Indonesia 4 3 2 9
4 China 4 0 0 4
5 Philippine 3 1 4 8
6 Singapore 2 3 3 8
7 Chinese Taipei 2 2 1 5
8 Malaysia 1 4 2 7
9 Vietnam 1 2 0 0
10 Thailand 1 0 3 4
11 Sri Lanka 0 1 2 3
12 MR25 0 1 1 2
13 Wings Athletic Club 0 1 0 1
14 Swift 0 0 2 2
15 SAFSA 0 0 1 1
16 Singapore Mgt. Uni. 0 0 1 1
17 Brunei 0 0 0 0
18 Catholic High School 0 0 0 0
19 Changkat Changi Sec. 0 0 0 0
20 Chung Cheng H.S. (Main) 0 0 0 0
21 Flash Athletic Club 0 0 0 0
22 Hong Kong 0 0 0 0
23 Hwa Chong Inst. 0 0 0 0
24 Hwa Chong Inst. College 0 0 0 0
25 Nanyang Poly. 0 0 0 0
26 Nanyang Tech Uni. 0 0 0 0
27 National Uni. S’pore 0 0 0 0
28 Northland Sec. 0 0 0 0
29 Raffles Institution JC 0 0 0 0
30 Red Hawk Sports Club 0 0 0 0
31 Republic Poly. 0 0 0 0
32 Singapore Masters Athletics 0 0 0 0
33 Tanglin Sec. School 0 0 0 0
34 Temasek Poly. 0 0 0 0
35 Uni. of West Sydney 0 0 0 0

Posted 21st August 10:44PM

Update #9

One new Championship Record in the 110m men’s hurdles. Iida, Masayuki, 24, Japan, 13.93s (0.2 m/s). $500 was awarded for breaking the record. Malaysian Rayzam Wan Sofian also went under the old CR mark with a 14.00s effort. Old record was 14.11s 2007-9-9 Hideki Nomoto, JPN.

First ranked team – Japan, 12 gold, 12 silver, 5 bronze.

Second ranked team – Papua New Guinea, 4 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze.

Third ranked team – Indonesia, 4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze.

Team Singapore, ranked 6th overall – 2 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze

Posted 21st August 10:18PM

Update #8

Results updated as of 9:27PM:

Updated Files as of 12:44PM. Take note!

Posted 20th August 9:28PM

Update #7

Event 102 Women 400m Hurdles Final Open is straight finals, no heats.

Event 205 Women Javelin Throw (600g) Open is cancelled due to the lack of participants.

Posted 19th August 11:56PM

Update #6

SG Open Facts #1: So far there’s 35 confirmed teams, 23 are local & 13 from abroad for the upcoming Singapore Open. Wow! One of our biggest participation in recent memory.

SG Open Facts #2: For the upcoming Singapore Open this weekend, a total of 342 athletes will be vying for the best athlete title in Singapore, and around the region. 167 of which are foreign athletes, while we’ll see another 175 athletes from our local clubs.

SG Open Facts #3:
A break-down of OVERSEAS teams (13 teams, 167 athletes, in total)
36, Indonesia
34, Japan
19, Malaysia
14, Philippine
13, Papua New Guinea
12, Chinese Taipei
12, Vietnam
11, Thailand
5, China
5, Sri Lanka
3, Brunei
2, Hong Kong
1, University of West Sydney

SG Open Facts #4:
A break-down of LOCAL teams (23 teams, 175 athletes, in total)
42, Singapore Masters Athletics
29, Safsa
22, Singapore
12, Red Hawk Sports Club
11, Wings Athletics Club
10, Nanyang Polytechnic
9, Swift
8, Republic Polytechnic
7, Unattached
4, Nanyang Tech University
3, Flash Athletic Club
3, Tanglin Secondary School
2, Hwa Chong Institution College
2, Macritchie Runners 25
2, Northland Secondary School
2, Singapore Management Uni
1, Catholic High School
1, Changkat Changi Secondary Sch
1, Chung Cheng High School (Main)
1, Hwa Chong Institution
1, National University Singapore
1, Raffles Institution JC
1, Temasek Polytechnic

SG Open Facts #5:
Team Singapore will be proudly represented by 22-member team:
14 MALE athlete
1. Lim, Yao Peng – 100m & 200m men
2. Ng, Chin Hui – 400m & 4x400m men
3. Khoo, Kenneth – 400m & 4x400m men
4. Zaki Sapari – 400m Hurdles, 400m & 4x400m men
5. Muhamad Firdaus – 400m & 4x400m men
6. Yap, Jin Wei Timothee – 400m Hurdles
7. Tan, Lance – 400m men
8. Let, Jian Jie – 400m men
9. Liew, Ashley – 10000m men
10. Lim, Sean – Pole Vault men
11. Chan, Sheng Yao – Pole Vault men
12. Chong, Edwin – Pole Vault men
13. Tseng, Stefan – Triple Jump men
14. Wong, James – Discus men
8 FEMALES athlete
15. T, Piriyah – 400m Hurdles, 400m & 4x400m women
16. 5. Enn, Wendy – 400m & 4x400m women
17. Oh, Charlene – 400m & 4x400m women
18. Sharda, Nikita – 400m & 4x400m women
19. Thia, Yi Yi – 400m
20. Wan, Lay Chi – Discus & Shot Put women
21. Yang, Rachel Isabel – Pole Vault women
22. Zhang, Gui Rong – Discus & Shot Put women

Posted 17th August 1:04AM

Update #5

Posted 12th August 6:01PM

Update #4

Our new Singapore Open website url is https://www.singaporeopen.sg.

It’s your one-stop website for our upcoming annual Track & Field Championship.

Posted 6th August 7:42PM

Update #3

Here’s a promotional video of a soon-to-be launched Singapore Open website later in the day. Stay tuned, we want to get you on the edge of your seats. It will be revealed in a few hours.

14 days and counting to the biggest local athletics event of the year. Have you registered?

Posted 6th August 6:49AM

Update #2

Singapore Open Track & Field Championships Records Downloaded [download#541#hits] times

Posted 4th August 4:14PM

Update #1

Registration: Download Entry Form Downloaded [download#533#hits] times

Posted 25th July 11:45PM

Singapore Athletic Association is hosting its 73rd edition of it’s Singapore Open Track & Field Championship come this 20th & 21st August.

The event will have participation of athletes from more than 10 countries with over 100 athletes, where most of the SEA Games countries will be using our Championship as the final tune up before SEA Games in November.

So come down and support the biggest local athletics event of the year. Registration details will be uploaded soon.

Date: 20th & 21st August 2011 (Sat & Sun)

Venue: Bukit Gombak Stadium

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Saa will be organising its third ‘SAA Parents, Athletes, Coaches Gathering’ this 23 July, Saturday, and we’re inviting everyone. No RSVP required. ALL SSC / SAA carded athletes / coaches are expected to attend. Parent are all welcome. The details as below:

Date: 23rd July, Saturday

Venue: Singapore Sports School, AVA Room (near Main Entrance/Net-Ball Courts) Level 3.


2PM to 2:45PM – Anti-Doping talk by ADS (Anti-Doping Singapore)

2:45PM to 3:15PM – Tea Break

3:30PM to 5:15PM

Athlete Management – “Brand New You” by Victor Cui

It is a 2 hour workshop with athletes that cover key areas such as:

  • Personal Brand Building – How do develop your brand now
  • What sponsors are looking for from you
  • Social media campaigns to drive your brand value
  • How to create a target sponsor list and prepare a personal bio deck
  • Local initiatives to develop your career
  • Leveraging your competition schedule to help get sponsors

5:15PM – Question and Answer session

Feel free to read our previous two reports on the the SAA Parents, Athletes, Coaches Gathering, held on 11 Dec 2010 and 9 Apr 2011 to recap, and to know what goes on at such an event.

For any queries please contact us via email, or call our office at 63862721.

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Imagine being in one of the only 80 stadium in the world that is a IAAF certified level one track. This stadium has a capacity of 66,000 plus, now imagine all the seats are all filled-up.

Next add deafening sounds of the rapturous crowd cheering for you. With that many supporters, you can’t help but being blinded by the seemingly countless camera flashlights.

Sounds amazing, you bet it is. This is every athletes dream, the mecca of one sporting career to be at such a big stage to showcase your talent be it on the track or field, and two of our local athlete will have that unique experience come this August 27th to September 4th.

The biggest athletic event of the year, the 13th IAAF World Championships in Athletics will be held in Daegu, Korea.

National triple jumper Stefan Tseng, and sprinter Dipna Lim-Prasad will be Daegu bound, pending IAAF approval.

Although none of our Team Singapore athletes were able to meet the 13th IAAF World Championships qualifying mark, the duo was nominated by Singapore Athletic Association after becoming the top male and female best performer at SAA’s inaugural 1st Singapore U23/Open Championship.

As part of SAA Training & Selection committee initiative of fair and transparent selection, two top male and female athlete with the highest points based on IAAF outdoor scoring table 2008 edition were to be selected to represent Singapore in Korea under “unqualified athletes”.

IAAF has allotted one unqualified male athlete and/or one unqualified female athlete for each country, however the acceptance of unqualified entries in the Field Events is at the discretion of the Technical Delegates.

Stefan Tseng jumped 15.87m 0.0m/s in the men’s triple jump event to accumulate 1033 points, while Dipna topped the female rankings with two best performing result, 974 points in the 200m (25.40s -2.2m/s) and 924 points in the 100m (12.64s -2.7m/s). Full rankings can be found here.

SAA had a chat with both athletes; Stefan who is heading to UK to study Human Biology at Loughborough University next year, and Dipna Lim-Prasad who will be a sophomore at NTU this coming school semester; on their goals, and expectation for the Championship:

Q) What are your thoughts on being best two performer at our first ever National Open?

Stefan: I guess it’s good to be back, I had a horrible season last year but I managed to do a SB (15.87m) this time round and I feel a lot better in terms of my fitness and mentality. I would like to say a big thanks to my coach Valeri for being very patient with me during this troubled one and a half years, and well basically we will work together to strive for gold this year.

Dipna: I’m pleased because the headwind was really strong (-2.7m/s for my 100m and -2.2m/s for my 200m) which made conditions very unfavorable. My times could’ve been better too so I wasn’t sure how I’d fare against everyone else in terms of points!

Q) Expectations & goals for the competition for World Champ.

Stefan: I’m really not expecting much in terms of overall position, but if given the chance, I would want to go all-out to get a PB and a national record to prepare myself for the SEA Games.

Dipna: Soak up as much experience as possible, learn from the best and take advantage of the world class facilities and competition to break the 14 seconds barrier for 100m hurdles. I would like to thank SAA for giving me this opportunity, and not forgetting my coach Viatcheslav Vassiliev for all his faith in me. For he’s not just simply good, but a great role model too.

Q) What do you think of the SAA selection policy for the World Champ?

Stefan: I think it is a lot fairer this time round. It has been really disappointing the past few years to see various people going to World Champs or Olympics without having a fair system. And through this system, it definitely shows the standards.

Dipna: I’m quite neutral. But I would think using an international (IAAF) scoring system which is available for download in addition to having a page dedicated to the competition on the SAA website that reflects the Association’s selection criteria and indicates any modifications/progress in the competition is transparent.

Related Links:
13th IAAF World Championships official website
Qualification Standards & Unqualified athletes
IAAF World Championship qualification page

SAA Annual General Meeting 2011 was recently held on the 29th of June at the Singapore Sports School. The 2-hour long meeting between SAA with its affiliates and stakeholders marks another fruitful year under the newly appointed management.

What was discussed, received, and approved was the necessities such as the annual report for the preceding year ended 31 March 2011, to the election of twelve Affiliated Members, who will sit in the Management Committee for the next one-year.

As to date, SAA now have 23 affiliated clubs, and the newly 12 affiliated members to sit in the MC are:

  1. Singapore Schools Sports Council
  2. Singapore Armed Forces Sports Association
  3. Police Sports Association
  4. Institute of Technical Education
  5. Nanyang Technological University
  6. National University of Singapore
  7. NTUC Club
  8. Wings Athletic Club
  9. Macritchie Runners 25
  10. Nanyang Polytechnic
  11. Prisons Sports & Recreation Club
  12. Red Hawk Sports Club

Below is SAA President Mr. Tang Weng Fei opening address at the meeting.

Posted by Sha

6th Southeast Asian Junior 2011 was recently held between 17th to 18th June 2011, at the Madya Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia where Team Singapore juniors born in 1994, 1995 and 1996 (15 to 17-years-old) brought back home in their best ever showing for the Championship with four gold, three silver and five bronze medals.

Apart from the encouraging medal tally by our 27-strong youth athletes, there were two new age-group records (Ng Chin Hui 400m Boys National Junior & U19, plus Chan Zhi Xuan Discus Girls U19), and three lifetime best.

4 Gold

  1. 41.07m in the Discus Girls (1kg) by Chan, Zhi Xuan
  2. 51.27m in the Discus Boys (1.5kg) by Wong, Kai Yuen
  3. 17.96m in the Shot Put Boys (5kg) by Wong, Kai Yuen
  4. 2:33.09 min in the 1000m Boys by Devaraj, Zachary

3 Silver

  1. 6.88m -1.4m/s in the Long Jump Boys by Shasi Kumar
  2. 47.97s in the 400m Boys by Ng Chin Hui
  3. 3:21.22 min 4x400m Boys

5 Bronze

  1. 14.30s 0.6m/s in the 110m Hurdles Boys (0.991m) by Ang Chen Xiang
  2. 6:34.53 min in the 2000m Steeplechase Boys by Harrishankar T.
  3. 48.3s HT 4x100m Girls
  4. 41.6s HT 4x100m Boys
  5. 4:00.72 min 4x400m Girls

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Complete results for SEA Junior
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SEA Games qualifying

Photos & Videos courtesy of Jacter Singh

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