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singapore athletic association
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Selection of overseas meet

This selection applies to Singapore citizens only. Please adhere to the following selection policy and criteria set by SAA & Training & Selection committee.:

Note: Overseas meets requests are for Open invitational meets and do not include qualifying for meets such as SEA Youth, Asian Junior, SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games.

Calling all athletes who are interested to compete in overseas competitions that SAA is invited to.

Please submit your interest to SAA (sdp@singaporeathletics.org.sg) once the overseas meet information is published and window is open.

Please also be reminded to strictly adhere to any stipulated closing date for submission for each meet.

Last Minute Withdrawal (more than 3 days after SAA announced Final List)
In the event that the selected athletes decided to withdraw (prior to the departure/did not compete at all) due to injury or other reasons (unless clash of events), the athlete have to bear the full cost (air tickets, insurances, accommodation or other costs) that SAA have paid for the trip.

Subject: Submission of Interest for (the name of the overseas meet)



Season’s Best 2016:

Based on the quota given by the organiser (on a meet by meet basis), SAA will send any Singaporean athlete who meets the Senior, U20 and U18 qualifying mark.

Benchmark for OPEN (20yrs & above) category athletes

Based on 3 previous SEA Games averages.
Click here to download the OPEN qualifying mark in PDF format.

Benchmark for U20 (18-19yrs) category athletes

Click here to download the U20 qualifying mark in PDF format.

Benchmark for U18 (16-17yrs) category athletes

Click here to download the U18 qualifying mark in PDF format.

Senior Athletes

If the quota is not met based on the number of athletes selected and confirmed, any Singaporean Athlete who is 5% or less from the Senior qualifying mark, will also be nominated. All such athletes will be ranked and the cut off will be the quota number invited. If the quota has been reached and if athletes are still keen to compete, SAA will pay 50% of the flight tickets while the athlete pays the other 50%. If the competition results meet or better the Senior qualifying mark, SAA will reimburse the amount paid by the athlete.

For other athletes who are 6-10% off the Senior qualifying mark and are keen to compete, SAA will, on a case by case basis endorse the athlete to be part of the team but the athlete will have to bear the full costs of the air ticket and room and board stipulated by the organiser. Upon achieving the qualifying mark, SAA will reimburse the full amount to the athlete.

U18 and U20 Athletes

Please take note that if the overseas meet does not have the U18 and U20 implements (eg. 5kg shot put, 1.5kg discus), the athlete will not be eligible for the meet.


When only 2 Athletes per country are allowed to be entered per event and if more than 2 athletes meet the qualifying marks, the top 2 ranked athletes within the qualifying window period will be nominated.

All SAA sanctioned competition results will be considered for nomination.

All athletes who are nominated and selected will have to attend all Team Training, Briefing & Camps.

SAA reserves the right to drop any qualified Athlete if the Athlete is deemed unfit to perform at a competitive level.

SAA uses IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics for its selection criteria. Links to the latest edition is as below:

Previous selection and qualifying criteria:
2012 – #1, #2, #3



singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association

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singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
singapore athletic association
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