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This programme is catered to the development of athletics in children aged 7 to 12 years old. Children will learn athletic skills in a fun, enjoyable and dynamic environment led by our professional and experienced coaches trained to develop athletics skills in young children. With the gradual introduction of basic athletic skills through play and use of colourful and imaginative equipment, we aim to incite interest and sustain children’s motivation in athletics!


Stage 1
(7/8 yrs old):
Children will go through a discovery of various skills with the introduction of games.

Stage 2
(9/10 yrs old):
During this stage, children will put their General Skills for Run, Jump and Throw into practice.

Stage 3
(11/12 yrs old):
This stage consists of children beginning preparatory work on their technical skills.


Each Stage consists of 4 different terms to ensure a progressive development for children.
*Each term consists of 10 weeks


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