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The world athletics body, IAAF, will have a new president for the first time since 1999, with incumbent Lamine Diack set to step down at the 50th IAAF Congress in Beijing next Wednesday.. Read more at straitstimes.com:


14th Aug 2015


LINKS: Entry Form | PDF Results | LIVE Results

This competition minimum age is set at 16-years-old as of 31 Dec, and please adhere to the Rules & Regulations for participation details.


  • 14 AugEvent page created.
  • 23 OctHaze Advisory posted .
  • 23 Oct – Start list and Competition Schedule updated.
  • 24 Oct, 9.13am – Event to carry on as scheduled. 3 hr PSI reading as of 9am on 24 Oct 2015 is 192.
  • 25 Oct, 9.15am – Event to carry on as scheduled. 3 hr PSI reading as of 9am on 24 Oct 2015 is 138.
  • 25 OctFull results in PDF format uploaded.





  • 24 & 25 October 2015


Download Registration Form Files:

Event List :



Send in your registration form to [email protected].

Entry Fees:


      per entry


    per event (Late entries, pending lane allocation and slot availability)


  • Send in your cheque. Cheque should be made payable to: “SINGAPORE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION”.
  • Our address to send in your cheque is Singapore Sports Hub, 3 Stadium Drive #01-33, Singapore 397630.
  • There will be no refund of entry fees for any withdrawal / no-show after the closing date.
  • There will be no refund if event is cancelled due to bad / wet weather on event day itself.
  • School and Institution can be make payment via E-Invoice, kindly provide charge code, department to bill and person in charge.

Closing date:

Registration is closed as of Friday, 2nd Oct 2015.

For inquiries, please call 6386-2721, or email [email protected].

Registration Method – Using Entry Forms

  1. Download entry forms.
  2. Extract and open the various entry form documents.
  3. Key in your athlete particulars.
  4. Send the entry form documents to [email protected]

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Click here to download the full results (Excel format).

Team Singapore results as below.

TM: Luis Cunha
Athletes: 3 (2 male & 1 females)

Mark m/s Category Name Age Status Date
1:57.44 800m Men Fang Jianyong 26 Heat 3 1-Aug-2015 3/7pos, q
1:57.23 800m Men Fang Jianyong 26 Final 1-Aug-2015 4/10pos
22.24 NWI 200m Men Muhammad Naqib BIN ASMIN 20 Heat 1 2-Aug-2015 1/8pos, Q
22.32 NWI 200m Men Muhammad Naqib BIN ASMIN 20 Final 2-Aug-2015 6/7pos
11.02 NWI 100m Men Muhammad Naqib BIN ASMIN 20 Final 1-Aug-2015 6/7pos
10.95 NWI 100m Men Muhammad Naqib BIN ASMIN 20 Heat 1 1-Aug-2015 2/8pos, q
10.99 NWI 100m Men Muhammad Naqib BIN ASMIN 20 Semi 1 1-Aug-2015 4/8pos, q
3.70 Pole Vault Women Yang, Rachel Isabel 33 Final 1-Aug-2015 1/3pos, Gold


Click on the images to enlarge the photo.

Photos courtesy of the team.

12th Aug 2015
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11 August 2015 – While everyone was caught in the midst of the long awaited SG50 celebrations, it was announced on 9 August 2015 that our very own former national sprinter, Mr Canagasabai Kunalan, Singapore Athletics Vice-President of Training & Selection, will be awarded the National Day Award 2015, Meritorious Service Medal.

The Singapore National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore. This year, a total of 3,888 individuals in 23 award categories received National Day Honours.

Mr Kunalan has been in the education industry for the past 50 years and had a total of 15 SEA Games and 5 Asian Games medal under his belt.

When asked with regard to how he felt in receiving this prestigious award, he mentioned “To receive a National award at age 72 is humbling. I hope it inspires others to continue to serve as long as they can and I shall endeavor to serve as meritoriously for as long as I can, but of course for as long as I am invited.”

We here at Singapore Athletics would like to congratulate Mr Kunalan on his award and in his boundless efforts in being an inspirational role model to the community. We are sure that there will be many more to come!

Mr C Kunalan – His one of our own

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We at Singapore Athletics would like to wish everyone a Happy National Day. Have an enjoyable weekend ahead.

9th Aug 2015
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7 August 2015 – This tiny red dot has come a long way since 1965. When we head out for overseas competitions and fellow athletes and officials find out where we are from, the most common response is no longer; where is that? But more of wow!

Singapore has grown as to become the vibrant country we call home, only because we have worked as one and made the impossible dream become reality.

So while we were penning our thoughts on our best memories for this special weekend #SG50, we thought for awhile and wondered, what will the next 50 years be like for Singapore athletics and sports in general?

Well, instead of just wishing our wonderful country a big Happy Birthday, we decided to share our vision and dreams for the next big 50. You ready? Let’s go!


Mr Tang Weng Fei, President, Singapore Athletics.

It is a wonderful time to be in Singapore. With all the celebrations taking place across the country, you see video montages and people of all ages hanging their flags outside their houses, getting ready for a very special National Day Parade. If you ask me what I wish to see in athletics for the next 50 years, two things come to mind. Firstly, I wish to see a cohesive sporting landscape where all National Sports Associations (NSA) have proper organisation with a structured pathway for elite athletics development. Secondly, as a Singaporean, it will be fantastic if we can urge our compatriots to take up athletics as a lifestyle for all ages. With this happening, we can become an even healthier and happy nation.


Mr C. Kunalan, Vice President of Training and Selection, Singapore Athletics.

Proud to be Singaporean and will always be. In the next 50 years, I would love to see advances in technology in sports made available to all athletes in a safe and proper way. It will also be great if our athletes have access to scientific supplements. Why do I say this? Because sports at the highest level is entertainment. Super athletes will give spectators super entertainment! And to my fellow Singaporeans, always find reasons to be happy in all seasons. It doesn’t take much to smile, so do it more often! Happy Birthday to our lovely Singapore!

shantiiPhoto by Goh Chiew Tong

Shanti Pereira, SEA Games Singapore 2015 gold medalist

I think the most treasurable feeling I have ever felt was the feeling that I have made my country proud. It’s a feeling I am unable to describe because it basically fills me up with so much emotion. I am honored to represent my nation and make it the little red dot that shouldn’t be messed with. I want to see the future generation represent the nation and get the chance to feel what I have, the true honor of representing the nation doing something they truly love and are passionate about. It is definitely a memory that they will never ever forget. With that, I want to wish Singapore a golden Happy Birthday! The past 50 years has seen a tremendous amount of extraordinary memories, and I cannot wait to see what the next 50 years has in store for us! Like the song says, Singapore will always be where I feel that I am home.

11356697_1610664529208999_548728317_nPhoto by Red Sports

Calvin Kang, SEA Games silver medalist

Looking ahead, I hope to see a vibrant active sporting lifestyle in Singaporeans that creates opportunities through athletic initiated carnivals, sports fiestas for all ages in the midst of high level competition to reproduce the Singapore spirit and Kallang wave at the Track & Field series. I hope to witness national records being broken and qualifiers for the World Championships & the Olympic Games to bring Singapore Athletics into the world stage with a chance to beat the best in the world and of course, free of any doping cases to maintain excellence, friendship & respect! All in all, here’s wishing Singapore a blessed 50th birthday and MAJULAH SINGAPURA!

Smriti-Menon-2Photo by Farez Juraimi

Smriti Menon, Team Singapore Athletics athlete

What I would like to see in the next 50 years for Singapore Athletics is the continued support and encouragement from fellow Singaporeans. I remember being deeply touched during the SEA Games when I saw so many Singaporeans coming down to support us during our races, and I truly hope that this is just the beginning. My dream for Singapore Athletics is for it to be in a pre-eminent position in the Asian level and eventually in a global level. For this tiny red dot, that would indeed be a dream achievement to strive for. I would like to wish Singapore a wonderful 50th birthday, and here’s wishing a happier, healthier, wealthier, greener and a closely knit Singapore over the next 50 years!

So with that said, the Singapore Athletics family would like to wish our fellow Singaporeans, a very Happy Birthday and to the next 50, let’s begin!

7th Aug 2015
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6 August 2015 – He came, he saw, he delivered. Yazeen Buhari may be ending his stay in Singapore Athletics but most definitely not in the sporting scene and we are sure our paths will cross again in the very near future!

For the past 12 months from 4 August 2014, Yazeen spearheaded the Singapore Athletics secretariat as the General Manager. He has exhibited exemplary leadership skills and had been a good role model for the team.

SA President Mr Tang Weng Fei mentioned “Besides leading the secretariat to a successful SEA Games 2015, Yazeen has been involved greatly on the movement of our office to the Sports Hub, the establishment of our Home Of Athletics at Kallang Practice Track and the rebranding exercise of SAA. While there are still many more things to follow up, the promotion of Damon Yong as the new GM with effect from 5 August 2015 augurs well for Singapore Athletics”.

Within the SA secretariat team, Yazeen had built a close knitted team that was always behind him.

Head Coach, Luis Filipe Cunha said “As my esteemed colleague, Yazeen has always appreciated my skills and supported my decisions. He is an active listener, is empathetic and creates a constructive atmosphere. Though his journey with us has ended, he will continue to be a friend to me and the association”.

Likewise an extraordinary leader like Yazeen, captain of the recent SEA Games 2015, Kenneth Khoo expressed how Yazeen has made a lasting impact to the future of Singapore Athletics.

“I truly appreciate the professional management you have brought to the sport. You have certainly left the association in a better place than you found it. Here’s wishing you all the best in your future endeavours”.

Chairman Officials, Singapore Athletics, Mr Govindaraju S/O Sinnappan also added how one man was able to make a difference.

“Within this short time, his presence was strongly felt in the sports fraternity. As a leader, he understood each staff’s strengths and placed them in positions where they can flourish and grow. With a strong secretariat team in place, SA was able to take on new task and challenges.”

Moving forward, the team at Singapore Athletics wishes Yazeen well in his future endeavours and thank him for all his valuable inputs in building this organization and laying the foundation for the future of athletics at Singapore Athletics!

Article by Carissa Yow
Executive, Events and Operations

6th Aug 2015
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PDF Updated as of 9th September 2015, you can download this page in pdf here.

Selection of overseas meet

Please adhere to the following selection policy and criteria set by SA & Training & Selection committee.:

Note: Overseas meets requests are for Open invitational meets and do not include qualifying for meets such as SEA Youth, Asian Junior, SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games.

Calling all athletes who are interested to compete in overseas competitions that SA is invited to.

Please submit your interest to SA ([email protected]) once the overseas meet information is published and window is open.

Please also be reminded to strictly adhere to any stipulated closing date for submission for each meet.

Subject: Submission of Interest for (the name of the overseas meet)



Season’s Best 2015:

Based on the quota given by the organiser (on a meet by meet basis), SA will send any Singaporean athlete who meets the Senior, Junior and Youth qualifying mark.

Benchmark for OPEN (20yrs & above) category athletes

Based on 3 previous SEA Games averages.
Click here to download the OPEN qualifying mark in PDF format.

Benchmark for JUNIOR (18-19yrs) category athletes

Click here to download the JUNIOR qualifying mark in PDF format.

Benchmark for YOUTH (16-17yrs) category athletes

Click here to download the YOUTH qualifying mark in PDF format.

    Senior Athletes

    If the quota is not met based on the number of athletes selected and confirmed, any Singaporean Athlete who is 5% or less from the Senior qualifying mark, will also be nominated. All such athletes will be ranked and the cut off will be the quota number invited. If the quota has been reached and if athletes are still keen to compete, SA will pay 50% of the flight tickets while the athlete pays the other 50%. If the competition results meet or better the Senior qualifying mark, SA will reimburse the amount paid by the athlete.

    For other athletes who are 6-10% off the Senior qualifying mark and are keen to compete, SA will, on a case by case basis endorse the athlete to be part of the team but the athlete will have to bear the full costs of the air ticket and room and board stipulated by the organiser. Upon achieving the qualifying mark, SA will reimburse the full amount to the athlete.

    Youth and Junior Athletes

    Please take note that if the overseas meet does not have the youth and junior implements (eg. 5kg shot put, 1.5kg discus), the athlete will not be eligible for the meet.


When only 2 Athletes per country are allowed to be entered per event and if more than 2 athletes meet the qualifying marks, the top 2 ranked athletes within the qualifying window period will be nominated.

All SA sanctioned competition results will be considered for nomination.

All athletes who are nominated and selected will have to attend all Team Training, Briefing & Camps.

SA reserves the right to drop any qualified Athlete if the Athlete is deemed unfit to perform at a competitive level.

SA uses IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics for its selection criteria. Links to the 2014 edition is as below:

Previous selection and qualifying criteria:
2012 – #1, #2, #3



singapore athletic association

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