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Last year edition of SEA Youth, host country Singapore emerged overall champion.



Singapore athletes who have met the qualifying mark

The qualifying window period begins in May 2012.

Name From Age as of 2013 Event Qualified based on SEA Youth ’12 Bronze Mark
Pereira, Shanti Veronica SSP 17 Girls 100m U18 2013 Series 1, 12.16s (1.9m/s)
2013 SYJAC, 12.05s (1.2m/s)
Tan, Eugenia RP 17 Girls 100m U18 2013 Series 3, 12.53s (0.0m/s) 12.62s
Pereira, Shanti Veronica SSP 17 Girls 200m U18 2012 Asian Junior, 24.93s (0.0m/s)
2013 Series 2, 25.60s (0.7m/s)
2013 SYJAC, 25.22s (0.8m/s)
Kugapriyad D/O Chandran SSP 15 Girls 200m U18 2013 Nat Sch, 25.79s (0.1m/s) 25.89s
Pereira, Shanti Veronica SSP 17 Girls 400m U18 2013 Series 1, 58.41s 58.72s
Zubin, Percy Muncherji ACJC 17 Boys 400m U18 2013 SYJAC, 49.58s
2013 Nat Sch 50.31s
2013 Nat Sch 50.04s
2013 Nat Sch, 49.35s
Wong, Jannah CHIJ KC 17 Girls 100m Hurdles U18 2012 SEA Youth, 14.6s HT (0.0m/s) 15.30s
Ong, Jing Rong, Kerstin SSP 16 Girls 100m Hurdles U18 2013 Nat Sch, 15.05s (??m/s) HEATS
2013 Nat Sch, 14.99s (0.0m/s) FINAL
Linus Chong SSP 17 Boys 110m Hurdles U18 2013 Series 2, 14.59s (1.8m/s)
2013 SYJAC, 14.31s (1.6m/s)
Ang, Ding Hui RI 17 Boys 110m Hurdles U18 2012 SEA Youth, 14.26s (1.3m/s) 14.64s
Quek, Calvin VS 17 Boys 400m Hurdles U18 2013 Series 1, 55.31s
2013 SYJAC, 55.27s
Lee, Raymond Scott SJI 17 Boys 400m Hurdles U18 2012 SEA Youth, 55.67s
2013 SYJAC, 55.36s
Ng, Fiona           VJC 17 Girls Discus Throw U18 2013 SYJAC, 31.32m
2013 Nat Sch, 33.10m
Long, Jia Ning Alicia NYG 17 Girls Discus Throw U18 2013 Series 1, 30.86m
2013 Nat Sch, 31.23m
Chin, Samuel RI 16 Boys High Jump U18 2013 SYJAC, 1.94m
2013 Nat Sch, 1.97m
Tan, Eugenia SSP 17 Girls Long Jump U18 2013 Series 1, 5.35m (1.4m/s)
2013 SYJAC, 5.33m (1.2m/s)
Lim, Enxuan Lynett CG 16 Girls Long Jump U18 2013 Nat Sch, 5.20m (0.8m/s) 5.14m
Ong, Yu Kai Benjamin SSP 17 Boys Long Jump U18 2013 Series 3, 6.91m (0.0m/s) 6.73m
Lim, Enxuan Lynett CG 16 Girls Triple Jump U18 2013 Series 2, 11.34m (-0.6m/s)
2013 SYJAC, 11.66m (1.9m/s)
2013 Nat Sch, 11.79m (0.5m/s)
Bte Johar, Sakinah SSP 17 Girls Triple Jump U18 2012 ASEAN Sch Games, 11.28m (0.2m/s) 11.12m
Ong, Yu Kai Benjamin SSP 17 Boys Triple Jump U18 2012 SEA Youth, 14.49m (-0.9m/s)
2013 SYJAC, 14.67m (0.0m/s)
See, Wei Ren Brian CH/RI 17 Boys Shot Put U18 2012 SEA Youth, 14.60m
2013 Nat Sch, 15.02m
See, Wei Ren Brian CH/RI 17 Boys Discus Throw U18 2012 ASEAN Sch Games, 44.40m
2013 Series 2, 45.18m
2013 SYJAC, 45.73m
2013 Nat Sch, 48.40m
Ng, Chin Hui RIJC 19 Boys 400m U21 2012 HK Inter-City, 48.15s 49.66s

Selection Criteria for Singapore athletes

    a. 3rd placing of SEA Youth 2012

    b. Only best 2 Athletes per event

    c. If only 2 Athletes per country are allowed per event and more than 2 Athletes meet the qualifying mark, a final run/jump/throw-off trial will be held before the EBN date.

      i. The trial date will be announced once SAA receives the date for the EBN from the organizer.

      ii. For the relays the best 8 on-form Athletes will be invited to form the team but a final run-off will be conducted to select the final relay runners before the EBN date.

    d. All competition results from May 2012 – May 2013 (or up till EBN date) will be considered for nomination

    e. All athletes who are nominated and selected will have to:

      i. Attend all Team Training & Camps

      ii. Compete in the SAA Youth & Junior Championships and the National Schools Championships

    f. SAA reserves the right to drop any qualified Athlete if the Athlete is deemed unfit to perform at a competitive level.

Events Contested

Events for Youth category:

Boys (16 events) Girls (16 events)
100m 100m
200m 200m
400m 400m
800m 800m
1500m 1500m
5000m 5000m
110m hurdles 100m hurdles
400m hurdles 400m hurdles
4x100m relay 4x100m relay
4x400m relay 4x400m relay
Long jump Long jump
High jump High jump
Triple jump Triple jump
Shot put Shot put
Javelin throw Javelin throw
Discus throw Discus throw

Events for Under-21 category:

Boys (10 events) Girls (10 events)
100m 100m
200m 200m
400m 400m
800m 800m
1500m 1500m
110m hurdles 100m hurdles
400m hurdles 400m hurdles
4x100m relay 4x100m relay
4x400m relay 4x400m relay
2000m steeplechase 2000m steeplechase

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Posted by Sha

Download the start list as below:

    Download: [download#703#nohits] Downloaded [download#703#hits] times

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Photo: Anti-clockwise from bottom left, Calvin Kang, coach Melvin Tan, Md. Amirudin, Lim Yao Peng, Lee Cheng Wei, Md. Elfi Mustapa and Gary Yeo.

Download: [download#699#nohits] Downloaded [download#699#hits] times

Our boys in Thailand have ran their final race for the Asian Grand Prix earlier, held in Chonburi, and below are their results:

In the men 4x100m final, the team from Singapore held their own as the event saw all the six teams produced a sub-40 seconds performance. Our team although finishing last, they ran a credible effort of 39.73 seconds. That timing alone is ranked #2 on the all-time list for the fastest time ran by a Singapore team in the relay event.

The race was won by the team from Taipei who clocked 39.23 seconds, while the Republic saw a different line-up from the team last week where they sprinted to a new national mark of 39.58 seconds. The relay coach Melvin Tan tinkered by replacing Gary Yeo who is nursing a hamstring strain with Md. Elfi Mustapa.

    4x100M RESULT
    1. Taipei – 39.23s
    2. Hong Kong – 39.27s
    3. China – 39.31s
    4. Korea – 39.34s
    5. India – 39.56s
    6. Singapore – 39.73s (Calvin Kang, Md. Elfi, Lee Cheng Wei, Md. Amirudin)

While in the individual events, Calvin Kang and Md. Amirudin Jamal ran the 100m final. Both athletes were slotted for the ‘B’ race, where they equally shared the same electronic timing in a heavily wind resisted race. The windspeed of -2.8m/s was recorded for this final alone, and the eventual winner was Al Sooli Abdullah from Oman finishing in 10.82 seconds.

    1 Zheng Pei Meng CHN 10.41 -3.1
    2 Ghasemi Reza IRI 10.56 -3.1
    3 Zheng Dongsheng CHN 10.65 -3.1
    4 Abepitiyage Shehan Sadaruwan SRI 10.67 -3.1
    5 Al Sooli Abdullah OMA 10.82 -2.8
    6 Ali Liaqat PAK 10.82 -3.1
    7 Farrel Octaviandi INA 10.88 -3.1
    8 Kang Li Loon Calvin SIN 10.98 -2.8
    9 Mohammad Amirudin Bin Jamal SIN 10.98 -2.8
    10 Liang Tse Ching TPE 10.98 -2.8
    11 Iswandi INA 10.98 -2.8
    12 Sathoengram Jaran THA 11.00 -2.8
    13 Ho Man Lok HKG 11.11 -2.8
    14 Ho Ping Kwan HKG 11.14 -2.8

We’re proud of you guys. Have a safe journey back home.

Photo courtesy of James Wong.

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At the second leg of the Asian Grand Prix, held earlier in the day at Kanchanaburi, Thailand, our national 4x100m relay quartet of Calvin Kang, Gary Yeo, Lee Cheng Wei and Md. Amirudin (in that order) powered away to 39.58 seconds to break the old mark of 39.82 seconds set in the 2009 SEA Games.

It was the same line-up that took a crack at the record two days ago, but they fell short by one-hundredth of a second to equal the record, clocking 39.83 seconds in the first leg of the Asian GP, which was previously held in Bangkok.

The team cites that their baton passing could be better, and lo and behold, under the watchful eyes of national relay coach Melvin Tan, the record finally tumbled.

Record is pending ratification by SAA.

Well done guys!

    1. China 38.65s (NR)
    2. Hong Kong 38.71s (NR)
    3. Taipei 39.19s
    4. South Korea 39.50s
    5. Singapore 39.58s (NR)
    6. Indonesia 40.23s
    7. Thailand 40.25s
    DQ India

Other individual Team Singapore results from the Asian Grand Prix are as below:

    100m – Gary Yeo, 10.74s
    100m – Md. Elfi 10.86s

The competition now moves to the third and final leg, Chonburi on 14th May.

Download – News clippings of Singapore 4x100m men new record – 12 May 2012.

Photos courtesy of James Wong.

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12th May 2012
Posted by Sha

On both days on 19-20 May for SAA T&F Series 4, the events will be a PM session event only.

  • Download: [download#697#nohits] Downloaded [download#697#hits] times

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Posted by Sha

Update #1

Read the report of Team Singapore athletes results for the meet here.

Posted 28th May 2012, 10:51AM


Date: 25-26 May 2012

Place: Taipei City Stadium

Schedule: [download#701#nohits] Downloaded [download#701#hits] times

Official website: http://www.cttfa.org.tw/front/bin/ptlist.phtml?Category=393415

International athletes contact: Dr Shih-Chung Cheng

Competition results: http://w2.cttfa.org.tw/ingame2012/


Technical meeting will be taking place at 11am on 25th May in the Room 161 in the Taipei Stadium.

All international athletes should be registered via their national athletic association.

All athletes are expected to arrive at Taoyuan/Taipei International Airport (TPE) on 23rd May and departure on 27th May.

The press conference will be held at 2pm on 24th May.

CTTFA will provide airport pick-up service.

Invited elite international athletes this year

  1. Angelo Taylor, USA, M, 400mH, PB 47.25s, 2004, 2008 Olympic Gold medalist.
  2. Michael Frater, JAM, M, 100m, PB 9.88s, world record for men’s 4x100m relay.
  3. William Claye, USA, M, Long jump, PB 8.29m, 2012 World Championships in TJ & 4th in LJ.
  4. Ryan Brathwaite, BAR, M, 110mH, PB 13.4s, 2009 World Championship
  5. Trevor Barry, BAH, M, High Jump, PB 2m32, 2011 Bronze in World Championships.
  6. Australian men’s 4×100 relay National team, 38.69s in 2011 Daegu World Championships

SAA Training and Selection committee would like to publish the below 2012 Asian Junior Athletics Championship qualifiers for Singapore:

Team Relays

3 relay teams that have qualified for the Asian Jrs and selection for the final 6 runners for these 3 teams are as follows.

  • 4x100m Men: As Donovan Chan & Tan Zong Yang have qualified for the 100m race, they do not need to compete at the SAA Series 4. They are part of the final 6 runners. Md Naqib Asmin with his 10.97s at SEA Youth is also part of the final 6. But if at the Series 4 competition (under legal wind condition), anyone who runs faster than Donovan’s, Zong Yang’s and Naqib’s current timings of 10.7, 10.92 and 10.97, then ALL will be ranked again to select the top 6 to form the relay team. (To replace the previously mentioned athletes in the individual 100m, the times in the 100m race at Series 4 must be in legal wind condition.)
  • 4x400m Men: Since Ng Chin Hui has already qualified for the 400m race he does not need to compete at the Series 4. He is part of the final 6 runners. But if at the Series 4 competition anyone runs faster than their current ranked timing, they will be ranked as well and if they fall within the top 6, then they will form the relay team.
  • 4x400m Women: We do not have anyone who has qualified for the 400m race. Anyone who is keen to be selected will need to compete at the SAA Series 4, when the final 6 runners will be selected. Those runners who ran the 400m race at the recent SEA Youth Championship do not need to compete, but if anyone surpasses their timings, they will be cross ranked to select the final top 6 runners.
  • A relay Team coordinator will be appointed to take care of the individual relay teams and the team training will be stipulated by the relay coordinator starting from May 21 till Asian Jr to prepare for the championship.
  • All top 2 runners from 100m men and 400m men & women will be automatically fielded for the individual 100m and 400m.
    For all other events: Athletes who have qualified and want to be part of the Asian Junior Championships Team, must get their coaches to confirm their participation. If we do not hear from Coach or Athlete by Monday 21st May, we shall take it that you are not available for the Asian Junior Championships.
  • All selection will be confirmed after SAA Series 4.

List of Qualifiers

Event (Boys)

6th Placing

Qualifier 1


Qualifier 2


Qualifier 3




Chan Zhiyuan Donovan


Tan Zong Yang


Miohd Naqip












Ng Chin Hui






110mH (0.991)








400mH (0.914)
























3000m S/C


Karthic Harish Ragupathy





























10000m Walk










Sea Youth Team








U21 Team






Long Jump








High Jump








Triple Jump








Pole Vault


Chan Sheng Yao






Shot Put (6kg)


Wong Kai Yuen






Discus (1.75kg)








Javelin (800g)








Hammer Throw (6kg)








Event (Girls)

6th Placing































100mH (0.838)


Shermaine Chia Wenyi






400mH (0.762)










R Ranjitha














3000m S/C


















Mok Ying Rong


Neo Soon Huan











10000m Walk


















Sea Youth Team


U21 Team




Long Jump








High Jump


Carren Teo






Triple Jump








Pole Vault








Shot Put (4kg)








Discus (1kg)


Chan Zi Xuan






Javelin (600g)








Hammer Throw (4kg)








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